YouTube Red Myths For TGN Partners

We’re back this week with YouTube Red myths!

There’s still a few crazy YouTube Red myths going around since the big “email scare”, so I’m here to clean up what’s left of them. I straightened some of them out in the blog post last week, but the YouTube Red myths just kept coming. Let’s clear these bad boys up, shall we?


Creators Will Make Less Ad Revenue

This one is patently false, and people have done the “napkin math” to prove it so. It’s actually pretty simple, if you think of it in terms of ad space in an average person’s day. Even an incredibly committed user of YouTube is only going to be worth 5-6 dollars per month, so why not have them pay about ten bucks a month and have even more revenue share for content creators.

The numbers work in favor of the content creator, every time. They work even when it comes to the YouTube Red myths that only the top tier, or the 1%, of YouTube content creators are going to benefit from this new platform. Yes, it is true they will benefit more because they have more subscribers and viewers, but all of these numbers are extremely relative.


YouTube Red Myths For TGN Partners
Pop in your headphones and enjoy your favorite YouTube videos while you commute!


Look at it this way. There are many moments where the average YouTuber is offline. If your viewers could save your videos for offline viewing (like during a carpool/train commute, or a flight to a con, or any number of reasons), and you could get revenue from those offline views, it would be extra ad revenue. It is, quite literally, more revenue for your channel from every angle!


Huge Channels Will Be Removed

This is one of the bigger YouTube Red myths that’s been making the rounds as they finalize the negotiation of contracts on YouTube’s end. This stemmed from the fact that the ESPN network had to set their channel to private amidst the change to YouTube Red.

Anyone who knows about sports broadcasting will instantly realize that this is all about exclusive rights, and multiple contracts with network companies and sports franchises. There has always been a ton of red tape when trying to make sports content available, and, well, YouTube Red and ESPN are no exception.


YouTube Red Myths For TGN Partners
I just want syndication rights already!


Any channel that has that amount of red tape is going to have to do some tiptoeing around YouTube Red’s terms, but, unlike these YouTube Red myths, it does not affect nearly the amount of channels you’d think. YouTube is negotiating with them and we’ll just have to see where the chips fall, but 99% of YouTube is on board. It’s just that last little bit they have to do some extra negotiating with.


Just Make Longer Videos for More Money

I legitimately laughed out loud when I saw this one, but hey, I’ll get rid of this one too. So, the premise for his most hilarious of YouTube Red myths is that because people will want to watch longer content offline, you need to make your content longer to earn more ad revenue.


Let’s get one thing clear here, creators,

it’s not the length of the video;

it’s the quality of the content.


Let’s get one thing clear here, creators, it’s not the length of the video; it’s the quality of the content. No one wants to watch a terrible two-hour video. That’s the opposite of what people want to watch and why they walked out of “Daredevil” in theaters. Length has no meaning here, only quality that people want to watch over and over again.

Short videos actually tend to be the most popular because people can share them easily, laugh repeatedly, and show them quickly to others. Long videos are great for those long trips and commutes, but the short bursts are the most successful.

 – – – – – – – -

And speaking about the length of your videos, that is something we will be covering in next week’s blog post. But before I go, I’d like to reiterate that YouTube Red really is a good thing for content creators, and that TGN Partners have no fears when signing that new terms of service. There’s only more revenue to be made, and more eyeballs to watch your content.

Thanks for reading about these YouTube Red myths, TGN Partners, and I’ll see you next week.

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