YouTube Mobility: Stay Connected While Away

At one point or another, a YouTuber has to take a vacation. It can be with family, or friends, or an awesome solo vacation. Whatever the case, YouTubers should strive to stay connected to their audience, and there are a number of precautions you can take, or apps you can use, to help your YouTube mobility.

A connected channel is a healthy channel, so a good grasp on YouTube mobility is a key to success. Today, we’re going to discuss the concept of YouTube mobility and staying connected to your fans while travelling.

Note: Most of these suggestions and thoughts don’t apply if you are travelling somewhere without internet, or if you are travelling for a somber reason and wish to be left alone.

Pre-trip Preparation Tips

Depending on your style, or how long you are going to be away from your Youtube channel, you’ll want to update your community on where you are going. Obviously, if the trip is a personal trip and you are not one to share personal events on your channel, you do not have to share the reason, only the length of time, you’ll be gone. This keeps your community aware of your absence, as a sudden absence without explanation can result in a loss of subscribers and viewers.

YouTube mobility can also mean preparing your channel for your trip away from home. You can opt to make a backlog of videos and schedule them to upload while you are away. Some vacationing YouTubers find it fun to vlog and record while they are on holiday, but if that’s not fitting for your break, then it’s in your best interest to keep content flowing in your absence. Some interesting video ideas we’ve seen are short updates that include your social media profiles (so people can follow you while you are away from YouTube) or videos with a “guest YouTuber” during your vacation (similar to a guest blogger/cartoonist).

This keeps your community aware of your absence,

as a sudden absence without explanation

can result in a loss of subscribers and viewers.

On the tech side of Youtube mobility, you are going to want to take a few hours and get/update your phone’s social apps, any computer games you’ll want to play, and any other programs/devices you use to stay connected with your fans. If you know the area you are travelling to will have congested internet, like a gaming convention or a developer conference, get a hotspot so you can be on your own network…at least while you’re out of the giant concrete convention center.

Youtube Mobility During Your Trip

Since there are many different ways the many different YouTubers travel, this section will mostly be about easy updates, versus more time consuming activities. It’s impossible to generalize here as each person is different in their need for YouTube Mobility, but it is in every YouTubers best interest to at least be a little connected.

YouTube Mobility: Stay Connected While Away
Play “hot dog or legs” with your fans!


If you are strapped for time, the easier and less intrusive ways to keep your community engaged is to talk with them over social networks. Instagram and Twitter are great for YouTube mobility because they focus on easy-to-create content for your fans to look at. Take a neat picture, throw it up on Instagram, and if you’ve been listening to me at all and have already tied all of your social accounts together, you’re done for the day. Super simple and keeps your attention on your trip, but also entertains your fans and keeps them engaged.

Those of you who actually have the time to spare to create video content, but not enough time to edit it, can find solace in Vine, Facebook, and Google+. Vine specializes in short video content, and Facebook/Google+ are easy to upload to from Vine, which is great for maintaining YouTube mobility. Sync these three babies up, take a quick 6 second video of you doing something cool, and you’ve got yourself some great content for your fans. And all without having to put down that margarita.

Those of you who actually have the time to spare

to create video content, but not enough time to edit it,

can find solace in Vine, Facebook, and Google+.

Some of you may get a chance to actually edit some video, or even get some quick gaming in! We’re going to assume it’s because you’re staying at your parents’ house for Holiday celebrations and your internet is terrible. Just have fun with your 1000 ping and try to not rip the modem out of the wall.

There’s No Place Like Home

Once you get back home, it’s important to gradually get back into the swing of things. This can take a few days, especially if you have been away for an extended period of time and you’re now used to “vacation time”. Make sure you budget yourself time off after you get back from your trip. Take a few mental days, if you need them, before you get back in the full swing of things. The comfort of “home” can do wonders to your productivity, but you have to give your body time to adjust, or you can start feeling overwhelmed.

YouTube Mobility: Stay Connected While Away
The color can fade really fast if you don’t ease into things.


You can ease back into the swing of things by making a recap video of your vacation moments, sharing a photo album on Instagram, or just talking with people on social media once you get settled. There really is no rule here about what you can do, it’s more about what you feel you can do. Take your time, get your YouTube work groove back, and

 – – – – – – – -

Vacations and travel time can really muck up a channel’s growth, especially if the time away happens during a crucial period of success. YouTubers can stifle this loss by using Youtube mobility to remain engaged with their audience. The important lesson here is that you can afford to take time off, if you need it, using YouTube mobility. Your fans will still be there as long as you put the proper preparation into taking a trip. Do not put off family trips or personal vacations because of your YouTube channel, as every human being require time off at some point.

We’ll cover more about how to prevent getting “burned out” on YouTube next week, though. It’s an important topic that has caused the death of many a good YouTube channel. But we’ll see you next time for that discussion!