YouTube Gaming: How To Get Started

For those of you TGN Partners who love to livestream, along with creating content on YouTube, an awesome new feature from YouTube is here. And for those of you that are dead-set on Twitch, well, they now have a bit of competition in their field. YouTube Gaming has just launched, and it’s taking the streaming world by storm.

Now, while YouTube Gaming does have some things that can make it better than Twitch, and vice versa, this post is going to be about getting started on YouTube Gaming, aka getting that livestream up and running. It’s not that hard, but there are some features and extras your can take advantage of, that might not be apparent right away.


YouTube Gaming: How To Get Started
Player Two has entered the game…


As well, this post is for streamers who are allowed to stream on YouTube. If you have a subscribe button (and likely are partnered with Twitch), you cannot stream using YouTube. There is a specific exclusivity clause in your contract that states you are not allowed to. Sorry.


YouTube Gaming And Your Stream


So you want to stream on YouTube, but don’t quite know where to start. The wonderful thing about streaming on YouTube is it’s super simple to get started. First off, you need to download an encoder and get it set-up. If you are already streaming on Twitch, you know what an encoder is, but in case you do not, here’s a cheat sheet. Which encoder you use is really up to you, as every streamer runs things differently, but the good general ones are OBS if you want something free, or XSplit if you want to pay for it.


YouTube Gaming: How To Get Started
This is exactly how streaming works! Right?


Now that you’ve got your encoder set up, you’ll need to enable your YouTube channel for Live broadcasts. Some words to the wise, your YouTube channel will need to be in good standing and verified before you are allowed to go live or use the livestreaming services. Once you’re all set, you’ll want to head over to your “Creator Studio Tools” and click on the section to the left labeled “Live Streaming”. Accept the Terms and Conditions when you are done reading them, and your YouTube Gaming livestream account will be activated.


Two Different Types of Streams


Once you’re set-up and capable of streaming, you’ll want to decide which type of stream you want to run. You can schedule an event, and stream for a pre-set amount of time, or just go live and stream for however long you want to stream.

There’s the live option, where you simply go live and stream for an undetermined amount of time. YouTube will automatically start and stop your streaming for you, so you don’t have to worry about manually turning your stream on and off when you are done. This stream type will always be public and you’ll be able to interact with your stream viewers instantly.


YouTube Gaming has also made it possible

to turn your livestream into an event.


YouTube Gaming has also made it possible to turn your livestream into an event. You can schedule your livestream at a certain time, then use this time to preview before going live, and set other options up as well. This is a mode where you will need to start and stop your stream manually after you are finished, instead of YouTube automatically starting and stopping.


Livestream Events Have Tons Of Options


While the first option of just going live is pretty awesome, the second option, scheduling a YouTube livestream event, has quite a bit more under the hood. Not only can you preview your stream beforehand, but you can run several streams in your channel, at the same time. Granted, you will need to be sure that you increase your encoding and network settings to accommodate the extra streams, but it’s still a neat little feature.


YouTube Gaming: How To Get Started
There’s options for this in YouTube Gaming.


As well, you have access to advanced settings, where you can choose how to moderate chat, how your content is distributed, and even opt into featuring your livestream as your featured content, instead of just promoting it under the events section. You can also choose how long your broadcast delay is, which is extremely important to streams who like to talk with their viewers.

 – – – – – – – -

It’s quite a new scene in the streaming world with YouTube Gaming making play at Twitch. While they are direct competitors, it is nice to see that those of you who have been “stuck” with Twitch have another option to explore. Even those of you who love Twitch now have another road to promotion for your streams, so in reality, everyone wins in this situation.

Go forth, excellent TGN Partners, and be seen on your new YouTube Gaming livestreams!