YouTube App Gets A Makeover: What To Expect

The YouTube app has gotten a drastic makeover.

And this makeover, is, well, not exactly being welcomed with open arms. In a very interesting splitting of the YouTube app community, some users are claiming that the new YouTube app look is very reflective of the “material design” Google is employing all over their products. So what does this mean for TGN Partners?

It really just means that you have to learn where some of the buttons are and what they do, as is the case with any app update. To get you started, this update included moving buttons around so that there are now more integrated into the YouTube app, and overlaying the UI into three comprehensive sections.


The Home And Subscriptions Sections

These are pretty self-explanatory sections of the YouTube app. The home section is very similar to your Home page on YouTube, where you will find all of your currently trending channels, as well as recommendations from YouTube based on previously watched channels.


These are pretty self-explanatory sections of the YouTube app.


The subscriptions section of the Youtube app is where you will find all of your channel subscriptions and their recent videos. You can also browse previous content from any of your current subscriptions.


The Account Section

This is the best section of the YouTube app because it contains everything you need about your own YouTube account! You can access your own videos, video playlists, viewing history, notifications, and much more through this section.

You can also create under this section, and the YouTube app is gearing up to be one of the easiest to use for on-the-fly video creation and editing. After using your phone to record a video, you can use your phone to edit your video, add filters to your video, or even select a “Sketch” option that will make your video look like a pencil sketch.


You can even browse YouTube’s music library,

then preview the music before you add it to your video.


Taking it one step further is the ability to add music to your video, from either YouTube or your other devices. You can even browse YouTube’s featured music library, or scroll on your own based on certain parameters, then preview the music before you add it to your video, all from the YouTube app.

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So what do you guys think? Is the new YouTube app looking really snazzy? Or did Google just muck things up even worse? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next week!