Wii Exclusives: Our Top Ten Best Games

Today, we’re going over our top ten best Wii exclusives.

Despite garnering an unfair share of notoriety as “that console that makes you waggle around a nunchuk like a simpleton”, there’s no doubt that the Wii has played host to a share of excellent Wii exclusives in its time, even if some of those Wii exclusives really do force you to waggle around a nunchuk like a simpleton.

Featuring age old Nintendo icons reprising their positions as the company’s foremost stars, or some new blood taking the spotlight, these following Wii exclusives are some of the best to grace a very underrated console. Please make sure you’ve placed your wrist strap securely around your wrist before we start!


Wii Exclusives: Our Top Ten Best Games



10. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

The seventh installment of the massively popular Silent Hill franchise proves that Nintendo can, alongside their usual slew of vibrantly colored, happy-go-lucky party games, bring chilling frights just as aptly.

The series’ trademark nail biting tension lingers throughout one of the scarier Wii exclusives as you control Harry Mason, a man whose consciousness has the undesirable tendency to shift between the real world and a nightmarish winter wonderland as he scrapes and claws in search of his daughter.

Through a smorgasbord of horrifying creatures and a fittingly confusing ending for the often mind bending series and you have a game unsettling enough you’ll be thankful for those Wii exclusives party games when you’re done.


9. New Super Mario Bros

A Wii exclusives list just wouldn’t be a Wii exclusives list without a fitting love letter to the company’s primary mascot and everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario. It mixed the classic platformer gameplay that landmarked Mario in the first place with gorgeously vibrant 2D graphics.

It was also host to the dazzling use of the Wii’s token motion control, and a heavy emphasis on intuitively competitive co-op play New Super Mario Bros managed to live up to its name and impart a whole new take on a much beloved household franchise. To round off the pure fun this most enjoyable of Wii exclusives personifies, they even manage to squeeze a mini game out of the rolling credits.


8. Metroid: Other M

If you want one of the best Wii exclusives that embodies the unique capabilities of the Wii look no further than Metroid: Other M. This masterpiece forced players on their toes at all times with intelligently designed switching between a point and shoot stationary first-person mode, and a third person mode.

It had you jumping, rolling, and shooting in a similar style to Metroid‘s more traditional gameplay, albeit in a fully realized 3D setting. Other M marries two distinctly different styles of gameplay and sends them on a honeymoon in the form of cleverly puzzling level design and appropriately awesome bosses; not to mention how satisfying it is to punch aliens in the face.


7. Warioware: Smooth Moves

In true Wario fashion, Smooth Moves takes what Mario does in his party games, a large variety of mini games intended for cooperative play, and turns the dial of absurdity up to 11. Tiring as these mini games are, as they have you jumping around like a mental person, their sheer unabashed ridiculous fun can’t be discounted.

Whether it tasks you with saving the world, or performing some mundane household chore, Smooth Moves has you doing it in a fashion bound to squeeze a few laughs out of you.

And if it doesn’t, some of the more lewd and suspect actions the game innocently asks you to perform to complete its mini games certainly will.


6. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Coming from the established action adventure franchise, Prince of Persia is one of the more renowned Wii exclusives for its action packed gameplay. Forgotten Sands, despite being released on multiple platforms, actually boasts multiple versions of itself across each one, even going so far as to include different story modes in each. Alongside these other versions, the Wii version was even designed to specifically accommodate the energetic play style of the Wii-mote.

So, does the Wii entry hold up to the rest of the series? Of course it does. It wouldn’t be on our Wii exclusives list otherwise. With all the fast paced action you’d come to expect, and a few gimmicks introduced to keep the intensely reactive combat fresh, this title should be high on the Wii exclusives priority list for any Wii owner – and a downright must play for any Persia fan.

What’s not to love about stopping time and performing awesome aerial acrobatics using steams of still water?


5. No More Heroes

With a story too ridiculous to hate, No More Heroes follows the life of Travis Touchdown (Otaku and wrestling enthusiast), in his quest to get more money for videogames and wrestling videos.

How does he go about accumulating this money? By using his trusty beam katana to slaughter his way up the ranks of the United Assassin Association, of course! With high-octane, nunchuk-waggling gameplay and a fully open world full of side quests, the experience is rounded off with humor ludicrous enough to eek a giggle out of even the most stone faced gamer.


4. Monster Hunter Tri

The acclaimed Monster Hunter series has recently established a more fervent fan base in the West. While that doesn’t come close to the fanatical following it has in the East, it’s definitely beginning to get the love it deserves. Tri was arguably the game that helped it out the most, as it was the game’s first major, non-handheld, Western release since the days of the PS2.

Monster Hunter Tri puts you in the familiar boots of a Monster Hunter, and we really don’t feel the need to describe what his job entails. Accompanied by the usual huge variety of beasts, both large and small, to tangle with in the gorgeous scenery the Wii’s technical capabilities did fitting justice to Tri.


3. Super Smash Bros Brawl

Featuring some of the most historically significant figures from throughout Nintendo’s amazing history, Super Smash Bros Brawl was arguably the most beloved in the Wii exclusives library for long time fans of the series.

It boasted both a lengthy single player mode and, more importantly for many, the iconic versus mode. Brawl‘s hard hitting, fast-paced gameplay did a great job of coupling the importance of player skill with ridiculous power-ups and smash moves. Just don’t expect to get any love for playing as Sonic or Kirby.


2. Xenoblade Chronicles

A vast, open world brimming with quests to partake in and monsters to slay that put the Wii’s technical capabilities to full use with a diverse array of vibrantly coloured areas. This was one of the key features that Xenoblade Chronicles offered up to players.

This most amazing of Wii exclusives also possessed a broad selection of quests strewn throughout its gorgeous lands and real-time action based gameplay unique and engaging enough to set it apart – even when held up to some of the genre’s greats. Chronicles not only proved to be a smash hit in its own right, but did a fine job in cultivating hype for its follow-up Wii U title.


1. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda is one of the more established and iconic legacies in gaming; this much should go without saying. To that point, a game from its franchise has a big pair of boots to fill. So, just how did Twilight Princess go about filling these boots so well?

By providing an epic adventure that had Link going through a vast array of beautiful and unique areas and mixing it up with local inhabitants. This king of Wii exclusives kept gameplay fresh, both with a more normal control scheme and mechanics that put the Wii’s unique motion control functions to apt use, making them core to the gameplay without being forced.

For its brilliant use of the Wii’s functions and an engaging, fresh story in one of gaming’s most beloved fantasy worlds, this game is number one on this Wii exclusives list. Hyrule and its cast of characters appeals to just about everyone and Twilight Princess fully deserves the rave reviews it received.

And if all that is somehow not enough to sell you, Link can turn into a great big snarling wolf.


Honorable Mention(s)

Wii Sports
The second best-selling game of all time, moving more than a staggering 80 million copies, Wii Sports definitely did its part as one of the best Wii exclusives, but more for its support of the Wii as a console. Acting as the primary selling point of the Wii’s uniquely marketed feature, its precise motion control, Wii Sports included an impressive plethora of sports-based mini games that put the wacky, active style of fun front and center.

Wii Sports ultimately played its role as an early game heavy-hitter that epitomized the new console perfectly, even if it probably is responsible for a few broken TV screens. The Wiimote strap is there for a good reason, people.

 – – – – – – – -

As undervalued a console as it may be, there are plenty of people out there who can appreciate a good game, even if the control system makes your arms tired. Are you one of those brave few who have gotten the most out of your Wii and Wii exclusives?

We encourage you to share your best Wii exclusives with us, or if we placed a game too high on this Wii exclusives list, in the comments below. Heck, even let us know about any nunchuk based mishaps that wound up with a hastily replaced television. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.