Video Game Weapons: The Most Vicious Out There

Video game weapons can be truly vicious and destructive.

For some gamers, the classic handheld pistol just isn’t enough. Sure it gets the job done, but what good is that when you can’t paint the room red using the video game weapons you’ve obtained?

The next ten video game weapons may not necessarily all be usable by the player, but they have all appeared in video games at some point or another. Whether they were originally created there or not, these video game weapons are scarily efficient when it comes to wholesale slaughter.


Video Game Weapons: The Most Vicious Out There



10. BFG (DOOM)

Starting off this video game weapons list is one of the most famous weapons in video game history, and a fittingly effective one. DOOM’s BFG—which stands for Big F*cking Gun—is famed for its ability to make itty-bitty chunks out of some of the most fearsome foes we’ve ever seen.

Just hold down the trigger, charge it up and watch as the orb of energy jettisons towards whatever hapless fool stands in its path. Usually resulting in a one-hit-kill and a pretty disgusting smoothie.

9. The Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

When a race of zombies are shambling towards you, attempting to convert you into one of their terrifying ranks, you need something a little more effective than a razor blade. How about something that jettisons a bolt of ionized plasma at them, intended to sever their limbs? Yeah, that’ll do.

Intuitively improvised weaponry adopted by survivors of the Necromorph outbreak. Plasma Cutters are your most trusted companion throughout your journey in the Dead Space franchise. Trust us, by the time your journey is over, you’ll be writing love letters to them, thanking them for de-legging all those monstrosities that sought to decapitate you.

8. Chainsaws

A firm tug on the chord, or two, or even three. Eventually the engine roars to life and each razor sharp tooth along its length jolts into action. Quickly whirring and gaining speed as it turns from what is essentially a fairly cumbersome sword, into a spinning tool of merciless death. As iconic as this imagery is, what’s more iconic is the veritable dance recital of flesh and blood that leaves the body of whatever stands before you, splashing the immediate surrounding area.

Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Splatterhouse, and Serious Sam. The list of video games that feature chainsaws is long enough that we could make a list out of that too. But for now, we’re content just leaving it on the note that we’ve happily ignored its intended purpose of cutting down trees and substituted them for hordes of enemies.

7. The Cerebral Bore (Turok 2)

Turok 2 was one of the pioneering FPS games that came about as the genre was undergoing something of an evolution. It also taught us one thing above all, that we had barely even grasped the concept of what a headshot truly was.

Turok laughed at our pitiful definition of the term, showing us the real man’s headshot. Launching a drill directly into your target’s skull, carving a path through bone directly into their brain and then—just for good measure—exploding. Say what you want about the extravagantly violent nature of this weapon, but Turok’s innovation is undeniable.

6. The Fat Man (Fallout)

What’s more vicious than decimating the local populace and making the immediate area uninhabitable thanks to deadly levels of radiation? Well a few things, or this would be number 1 on this video game weapons list, but not many.

Blowing raiders into unidentifiable chunks, sending deathclaws into a nuclear abyss, or just ridding yourself of a pesky mole rat. The Fat Man is one of the video game weapons for it all. As it should be, it fires a friggin’ mini nuke.

The only drawback is that these mini nukes are sprinkled throughout the wasteland fairly meagerly, making it impossible to stockpile and blow everything to Kingdom Come. No need to worry though, just one or two should get the job done.

5. Scorpion’s Spear-Tipped Rope (Mortal Kombat)

Arguably the most infamous tool on the list. Scorpion’s Spear-Tipped Rope that is usually accompanied with a just-as-notorious, “Get over here!” is the embodiment of sheer brutality coming in a surprisingly simplistic video game weapons package.

For all the kills Scorpion has accumulated with it—we’re willing to bet our readers have both racked up and been at the mercy of it—it’s one of the easier video game weapons to overlook. It’s basically just a knife on a rope. It seems that our friend Scorpion is just as apt at DIY, as he is ripping out spines and kicking off skulls.

Playing center stage in some of the most memorable fatalities in a series brimming with unforgettable kill sequences, we’d be as insane as the people trying to fight Scorpion to leave this one out.

4. Drill Bucket (Dead Rising 2)

So you’re stuck in a zombie horde with only basic household necessities to fend them off, what do you do? Our answer? Well it doesn’t matter, we’ve already been eaten. But thousands of Dead Rising players decided to fix a drill onto a bucket, creating one of the most sadistic video game weapons on this video game weapons list.

Of all the video game weapons you could create in that ingenious game, nothing was quite the mix of humorous and devious as the aptly named Drill Bucket. You’ll know just what we mean if you’ve ever put it over a zombie’s head, then watched them writhe in agony as the drill affixed to their head and bores into their cranium.

3. Wolverine

Video game weapons aren’t just to be held and fired, or swung around haphazardly. Some of them live and breathe. They’re people created solely for combat. Wolverine—or Weapon X—is such a person.

We can’t pinpoint any one game we’ve played as Wolverine to highlight just how scarily dangerous he is. In fact, we’ve played more featuring him than we can remember. But in each of them he brings his own personal brand of claw-toting, gut-ripping, fast-quipping carnage. Sure, he may not be a weapon in a more traditional sense, but Logan’s every bit as vicious as anything else designed to kill. Well, almost anything else.

2. Lancer (Gears of War)

We’ve already gone over what makes the chainsaw so vicious. Now affix it to the barrel of a high-powered rifle and you have a weapon that has become synonymous with Gears of War, as it’s most brutal weapon – and it’s already a pretty brutal franchise.

We can’t describe the immense pleasure we’ve gotten from each Gears game, as we switch seamlessly from hosing down our foes with a hail of bullets, to entering a chainsaw duel with them and carving their torso up like a Christmas ham. Thankfully, we don’t need to, because it’s a pretty popular game and you probably already know.

But if you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the most stupidly awesome and fearsome video game weapons.

1. The Halo Array (Halo)

The Halo Array differs from every other item on this video game weapons list in two ways.

First, the death it dishes out isn’t as horrifically bloody as other video game weapons, but you can’t discount it when you think of sadistic weaponry. Second, the damage it does is on a much, much wider scale. It may be a clean kill, evaporating anything in its path, but they’re intended to wipe out a galaxy worth of anything.

We played through the Halo series on the edge of our seats, thanks to this array of universe-blasting super-weapons. Serving as a constant threatening back-drop, we sought to keep it out of the hands of madmen. Uh, sorry, mad aliens. They may not rip flesh or blow anything to pieces, but they can wipe entire races clean out of existence, and we think that’s pretty damn vicious.

 – – – – – – – -

Whether you prefer a quick, clean, silent, and stealthy approach, or flaying your enemies in the most gnarly ways possible; we hope you enjoyed this list and learned a thing or two from it.

Do you have any particular favorites when it comes to inflicting mass bloodshed upon your virtual foes? There’s a lot out there, so we couldn’t find space for them all on this list, so let us know about them all in the comments below. We’re always looking for a few new ones to try out ourselves!