Video Game Deaths: The Most Gruesome TGN Knows

Video game deaths can be bloody and gruesome.

Sometimes a game wants you to know the gravity of what just happened. Just how bad you screwed up. Often, they display this with death scenes so gnarly they make your stomach turn. The following are ten of the most horrific video game deaths. These video game deaths have two simple criteria: they have to happen within a game and someone has to get horribly, horribly maimed.


Video Game Deaths: The Most Gruesome TGN Knows


10. Divider Head-Steal (Dead Space 2)

It seems fitting to kick off this video game deaths list with Dead Space, a game notorious for its ghastly death scenes that has given us just as many nightmares as it has tense, nail-biting sequences.

One of the most mentally scarring video game deaths is one of the many death scenes the Divider can give you. Little did we know that, even after decapitating the Necromorph, we weren’t safe. The head alone lunged at us, tore OURS off, and neatly slotted itself right in its place. It then proceeded to shamble away with our body, all whilst its old body watched.

Thanks for that. We weren’t planning to sleep or anything.


9. Gray Fox Death Scene (Metal Gear Solid)

Though Metal Gear isn’t as renowned for its brutality as Dead Space, one of the video game deaths in the first ever MGS game caught us off-guard. As Gray Fox attempted to stand up to one of the titular Metal Gears he found himself horribly outmatched.

A laser cut straight through his arm and he was then swiftly and painfully pinned against the wall by the mechanized monster. His metallic frame was slowly crushed as he wriggled helplessly unable to fight back. All the while we watched on feeling entirely helpless. What we would’ve have given for a cardboard box to hide in.


8. Neck Impale Scene (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft is no stranger to dangerous situations. In the 2009 entry to her series she got a little more than she bargained for during Chapter 6 as she careened down a river. We lacked attentiveness once or twice and we were, like many gamers, subjected to the scene of a long sharp protruding pole jamming itself through Lara’s neck as she helplessly grasped at it.

Through spiky, gaseous, and crushing death traps, oh, and lets not forget a freaking T-Rex, a simple lengthy metal rod used in a particularly brutal way is what caused us the most dismal of video game deaths.


7. Rin Rin Death (Madworld)

Madworld was a Wii title known mostly for its heavily stylized visuals. It utilized these visuals to their utmost to provide some seriously graphic video game deaths. As the first boss of the Asia Town area, Rin Rin was probably the most violent, if not the most impressively elaborate of these.

Grabbing her by her legs and spinning her until even we were thoroughly dizzied just watching, you then catapult her towards a giant machine that mimicked the action of eating ramen, only, in this case, Rin Rin took the place of the ramen. She was promptly crushed to death in a bloody display between its mechanical jaws. Well, we hope she was at least high in protein.


6. Rat Mob (Dishonored)

Dishonored wasn’t a game particularly renowned for its grit or gorey video game deaths. Instead it hung its hat on cleverly designed, open ended stealth gameplay with a vast array of routes to your goal. However, when it did turn its attentions towards vicious video game deaths, it proved it had a frighteningly competent hand at them.

The ‘devouring swarm’ is a very self explanatory ability and though we knew fully what we were in for, and yet we were still taken shocked. We summoned forth a ravenous horde of rats who charged forward in a huddled, furry mass, gnawing at our target, felling him down to their size as they ripped at his flesh in grim unison and we watched.

Much more unsettled at one of the notably more gory video game deaths than we were anticipating. We haven’t really found rats that cute ever since.


5. Helios Kill (God of War)

One of the PlayStation 3’s foremost franchises, plenty of people know just what to expect with God of War. It’s mythological Greek figures duking it out in some of the most intense and bloody battles in gaming. As you can expect, it doesn’t disappoint on the stomach-churning visuals.

Kratos’ duel with Helios took that a further than the rest. As we triumphed over our adversary, we expected of of the more gratifying video game deaths. What we were met with was Kratos mercilessly stomping on and then ripping the poor guy’s head off in a fashion particularly graphic even for this series.

We got an unpleasantly clear view of the flesh gradually tearing across our foe’s neck. Kratos clutching his head in both hands and slowly separating it from his body in a grisly process of decapitation. That expected feeling of gratification quickly turned to one of, well, still gratification. But we felt a little queasy too.


4. Dentist’s Chair (Manhunt 2)

Taking into account the widespread censorship this game endured due to its massively violent and controversial nature, you had to expect it would worm its way onto this video game deaths list at some point. But which one of it’s worryingly numerous death scenes left us the most wide-eyed in horror?

It has to be the dentist’s chair. We watched in terrible awe as our character pushed a hapless victim into his impromptu resting place for a much less than routine check-up, lodging various instruments into his face. Well, we can safely say this: we doubt he has to worry about toothache or cavities anymore.


3. Baraka Blade Spin Fatality (Mortal Kombat)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a scary lizard looking demon creature attempted to construct a makeshift helicopter out of a foe using his long, razor-sharp arm blades and his unwilling foe? Neither have we, but Mortal Kombat answered that question anyway.

Baraka impales his enemy through the torso, hoisting them up into the air overhead in a horizontal position before spinning them around at ludicrous speeds. He then raises his other blade and cleanly dismembers their various, haplessly whirling body parts, shaving them down to size.

Well, Baraka, you never actually managed to achieve take-off with your victim but we’ll give you bonus points for ingenuity and effectiveness anyway. This is definitely one of the more gruesome video game deaths out there.


2. Wyatt Or Fergus? (Wolfenstein: The New Order)

With a Nazi slaying lineage dating back to 1981, Wolfenstein: The New Order sought to reinvigorate the series with a stream of fresh, new features. Features like choice. A particular choice that would heavily impact your game going forward: Fergus or Wyatt?

The only problem is, whoever you DIDN’T choose got horribly, horribly killed. We were subjected to one of the more gruesome video game deaths as the unwanted captive is thrown onto a surgery table, gets their skull bored straight into by the whirling arm of a machine, and then their brain extracted.

To add insult to injury, General Deathshead put that brain into a new mechanical body as he rounded off a very villainous diatribe. On the bright side, the other guy was fine. A little mentally scarred, but fine.


1. Neontech Diagnostic Machine (Dead Space 2)

It only seems fitting that we finish this video game deaths list the way we started it – with a game chocked full of truly disgusting, heinous death scenes. And the most infamous one of its bunch, no less.

The Nanotech diagnostic machine. Or as we, alongside many gamers refer to it, the “horrible eye-poking murder machine“. We were forced to remain steady in one of the most uncomfortable scenes in gaming history as a needle slowly made its way to our eye. Our goal to guide it in safely.

Not an enticing notion at the best of times, but should you twitch and fail? The needle stopped its slow descent and instead dropped quickly down into your eye, drilling into it whilst your character writhed in helpless agony.

For how nervous it made us, how fittingly sickening the scene itself was, and how it made us squirm every time we failed (and trust us we failed a LOT), we think this one deserves the top spot as the most gruesome of all the video game deaths we can think of. Next time, we’ll just get contacts.

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Some of the above games have not just the one, but a whole slew of memorably gruesome video game deaths. It was pretty difficult picking just those ten video game deaths, so there’s a chance there are a few in the forefront of your mind you feel should’ve made it. So right below the video go ahead and tell us some of your favorite horrifically barbaric video game deaths.

Thanks for reading, gamers, and we’ll see you in the next one!