Video Game Characters: TGN’s Badass Picks

Let’s be real, we play a lot of video games. Day in and day out, we’re introduced to a substantial selection of new video game characters in the forms of friends and enemies.

Sometimes we’ll find video game characters who are so unfathomably awesome that they forge themselves a spot in our memories forever. Today, we look at the top 10 most badass video game characters of all time.


Video Game Characters: TGN’s Badass Picks


10. Ghost (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

Sometimes the coolest video game characters don’t even need a face, and this is the case with Simon “Ghost” Riley. From his grizzled voice to his iconic skull balaclava, Ghost is undoubtedly one of the boldest and memorable characters in the entire Call of Duty franchise.

Although he is never playable, Ghost is almost certainly the poster boy for the series. Despite his (spoilers!) death at the hands of General Shepherd, he is still one of the most badass characters to grace our screens.


9. Sheik (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Hyrule is full of colourful and charismatic characters. Contrasting this is the sheltered and secretive Sheik, who is a member of the Sheikah, a secretive tribe who (originally) served as guardians of the goddess Hylia.

Undoubtedly, Sheik’s most famous and potentially badass characteristic is that she is actually Princess Zelda in disguise. Despite this duality, both Sheik and Zelda are separate characters in the Smash Bros series, and Sheik remains an example of how a simple costume change can change a stalwart princess into a ninja-like badass.


8. Trevor Philips (Grand Theft Auto V)

Trevor’s no nonsense attitude towards life is what drives GTA V‘s chaotic gameplay. If Franklin reflects the climb to the top of the food chain, and Michael reflects what happens when you’re at the peak, then Trevor represents everything that players desire from GTA – explosive destruction.

There are two sides to every GTA game, the magnificent open world freedom and the unrepenting chaos. Trevor manifests the latter and due to his fiery outlook on life, he is a definite contender for one of the most badass video game characters ever.


7. Bill & Lance (Contra)

Contra is one of the earliest examples of two-player co-op functionality. By no means is it easy for a game to sculpt two characters that are both as equally badass as each other. Konami’s 2D Shoot ‘Em Up was revolutionary in terms of it’s hard-hitting difficulty and multiplayer functionality, but the thought of two silent, hulking soldiers ceaselessly gunning down wave after wave of enemies is surely one of the most badass sights to see in gaming history.


6. Batman (Arkham Series)

Yes, we know Batman is already awesome, but if there’s one time when somehow he manages to get even better, it’s when you are Batman. Roaming Gotham City under the cloak of night is one of the coolest experiences in gaming and to be doing it as the caped crusader is the icing on the cake.

The combat system makes every punch, every kick, and every shove as powerful and effective as the last. It’s not uncommon to see Batman take down a huge group of enemies with just a few button presses. Furthermore, his inner conflict and overcoming of massive odds makes him not only a legendary cultural icon, but one of the most dominating and devastating badasses of all time.


5. Snake (Metal Gear Solid Series)

A former spy and mercenary, Snake has all the foundations of a true gaming badass. A lone wolf fueled by black operations, Snake was known as the man who makes the impossible possible. This is exemplified through his hugely dangerous mission such as taking down compounds full of armed forces, battling through bleak conditions, or going to war with series standout villains like Psycho Mantis or Liquid Snake.

A grizzled war veteran who is definitely one of the coolest video game characters we’ve ever had the pleasure to play as.


4. Samus Aran (Metroid Series)

The reason Samus Aran is so high on this badass video game characters list is not only because she slaughters an endless amount of space creatures, explores the galaxy fearlessly, or explores abandoned facilities by herself. It’s because she shook the world of gaming up entirely at the end of the first Metroid title. Way back then, women were almost invisible in the world of video games; Samus changed this.

After completing the game, Samus reveals herself to be not a grizzled, male space marine as the player presumed, but a grizzled female space marine. This came about after a developer asked about making Samus female, and the idea stuck. Not even the game’s manual refers to Samus as female to keep the reveal secret until the very end.

Samus Aran is not only a badass because she has an appetite for changing the virtual world in which she resides in, but for changing our world and the expectations assigned to each gender.


3. Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem Series)

“It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Tell me how that quote is not the epitome of badass; how it’s not one of the most awesome video game quotes of all time?

Duke Nukem is the original badass. He’s the prototypical foundation of how all around awesome video game characters should be. He’s tough, he’s brash, he’s red-blooded, and he’s a force to be reckoned with. You’ll often find him surrounded by near-naked women, going to battle using over-the-top weaponry, or both. Need I say more?

Just look at the guy and realize how you’ll never achieve the awesomeness he’s cultivated since 1991.


2. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Series)

From the highest of mountains, to the deepest of oceans, Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider franchise has become a global and cultural icon. Even while she was nothing more than a basic polygonal figurine to a fully HD rendered model. Lara has always been the most badass chick in gaming history, exploring dense jungles, snowy peaks, and of course, tombs.

Tomb Raider took it to a whole other level primarily through the allure and determination of Lara Croft. Whether wielding her famed dual pistols, or a bow and arrow as seen in the reboot of the series, Lara Croft is a force and not just a pretty face.


1. Master Chief (Halo Series)

Let’s think of the truly iconic video game characters. There’s retro legends like Mario, Pikachu, Sonic, but who’s the first name that crops up when thinking of modern video game characters? It has to be Master Chief.

Halo has always been about the journey of Master Chief. From planet to planet, Master Chief was an immovable tower of strength, taking down wave after wave of covenant enemies. Much more intriguing than his devotion to war, was his relationship with his companion, Cortana.

Master Chief’s inner mentality and psyche makes him not only perhaps the biggest icon of our generation, but almost certainly the most awesome out of all the badass video game characters we’ve ever had the privilege to play as.

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We hope you enjoyed our badass video game characters list! Do you think we left anyone off of this badass video game characters list, or do you have another badass you’d like to share with us? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. Thanks for reading. Until next time, gamers.