Upcoming Games: November’s Biggest Hitters

November’s a huge month for upcoming games.

It’s just around the holiday season, and all the best games are coming out in November. Which upcoming games are going to be the best for our TGN Partners to cover? We’ve got a upcoming games list below of the five hottest games hitting shelves in November, still in time for you to pre-order them.


Fallout 4

I mean, come on you knew this was going to be on this upcoming games list, right? If not, you need to step out from under your rock and get your copy of this game already, if that’s your channel’s thing. This game is literally one of the most hyped about upcoming games, and it’s going to be here in November.


Upcoming Games: Novembers Biggest Hitters
Get that Power Armor ready!


Now, obviously, if you are more inclined to stay away from radiation ridden Wastelands, we’d say steer clear of this one. We’d also suggest that if you have a smaller channel to try and find something unique to do during your gameplay, as there will be so many channels streaming and creating content from this game. Set yourself apart from the pack and this could really cause your channel to grow.


Rise Of The Tomb Raider

If you’re more into tomb raiding, then this is your game, and it’s launching on November 10th! While the rest of the world is off killing Deathclaws, you could be enjoying a gleeful romp through deadly, deadly traps on your way to find some unknown ancient treasure.

This will be one of the less covered games upon release, as it is releasing the same day as Fallout 4, but it has it’s diehard fanbase that will be looking for content from this game. We recommend using the keywords “Tomb Raider” and “walkthrough” as that’s what people look for once a game releases.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

It launches on November 6th, so for those of you whose channels focus on first-person shooters, this is your jam. Call of Duty games always bring a large crowd whenever they release, and we anticipate this one will be no exception. Even with the surrounding hype of Fallout 4, the two crowds generally do not cross, so you can pull in quite a few new views and subs from this game.


Upcoming Games: Novembers Biggest Hitters
This is gonna draw a huge crowd of first person shooter fans.


The only drawback we see is that the surge from these games can dip right after launch. Most of the viewers end up watching pros for their trick plays after they’ve seen all the maps and guns. Try to give yourself a head start by getting some unique weapons and skins, as well as posting funny or expert compilations of matches.


Star Craft: Legacy Of The Void

The Protoss story has been a long time in the making, and Starcraft fans everywhere are looking forward to the launch of this game. It also comes out on the same day as Fallout 4 (Novebmer 10th), but this game is going to have a completely different playerbase than Fallout 4, which makes it an excellent candidate for our upcoming games list.

This crowd has the same movement pattern as the Call Of Duty crowd where after the initial week of new story gameplay, they will start watching the pros for expert plays and excellent multiplayer matches. Try to create some top ten plays or fails for these, and you can see a bump in numbers from this crowd.


Star Wars: Battlefront

The hype for this game died down a teensy bit after the repetitive beta, but we’ve noticed an uptick in people excited for this game since the latest trailer for the Battle of Jakku DLC. It ties directly into the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailers, so people are now chomping at the bit for this game. The good news is that this game launches on November 17th, so it won’t necessarily overlap with the Fallout 4 launch.


Upcoming Games: Novembers Biggest Hitters
This is what everyone not playing Fallout 4 will be watching.


But we feel that the draw may be slow but steady to this games content. As people finish watching the gameplay from our previously mentioned upcoming games, they will come looking for something new, and that something will be Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay content.

 – – – – – – – -

You’ll notice we really do place a lot of emphasis on the release of Fallout 4, and rightfully so. It’s a huge game that’s got a huge marketing machine and a ridiculous amount of hype behind it, so everyone will be playing it. It’s important to plan your content schedule around the latest releases and upcoming games so that you are always relevant.

So have a blast in November, TGN Partners, for the gaming content will be plentiful and gorgeous. Just stay on top of these trends, and you’ll start seeing a rise in your subs and views.