The Ultimate Merciless Battle of Life 3 on

Welcome to the bloodbath–the culling, filled with carnage and…bowling? Who decided that was a competitive sport? Al Bundy?

Join us all week at for the Ultimate Merciless Battle of Life 3 – don’t worry about the first two, those deaths were just rumors. We promise.

We’ve amped up the regular streaming schedule with mini battles throughout the week.  Are you an MMO junkie? Fight Plutofaerie one-on-one in her morning streams on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Do you prefer the FPS side of gaming? 1UpLipstick has a target on her back!

Test your skills against hers in Team Fortress 2 on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. Old school? How about Tetris. MOBA? How about Dota 2. Do you enjoy fearing for your life? Criana has you covered with The Hidden.

The Ultimate Merciless Battle of Life 3 Trailer

There are many other events during the week, so check out and ask the streamer when their UMBOL event is.

…because we all know it’s not just about the glory, it’s also about the treasure. We’ll be giving away prizes and gift cards throughout the week, but if you want the REALLY BIG prizes–you’ll have to earn your spot on Saturday, Sept 13th’s group massacre at 7PM CST.

Do you have a computer? Good, you can join us. All games are browser-based, free-to-play, or easy to set up.

If you still have no idea what is going on, just show up tomorrow at 8pm CST and get a taste – all of our streamers will be there. Will you?