Turning Water to Wool – An Interview with TGN Partner VintageBeef

We’ve got another delicious serving of Minecraft for you guys (as well as pork buns, apparently) with our interview with one Mindcracker – VintageBeef!  He’s been playing all sorts of games since he became a YouTuber, so we sat down with him and asked him some awesome questions about his favorite games, and his history as an avid gamer on YouTube.  Take it away Beef!


Q. First off, welcome back from your trip to Portugal! We hope you had a great time spending time with your family.  Do you want to tell us a fun story from your RL adventure?

A. Thanks! It’s always fun going back there and seeing family. I wish I could go back more often. I have lots of stories from my time there but I guess my favorite would have to be when my cousins tried to kill me via bicycle. We were all hanging out at my cousin’s place and things were kinda boring. He asked if I would like to join him and my younger cousin for a bike ride. I thought “why not” and proceeded to borrow his bike. We start riding and I’m expecting it to be a pretty casual trip along the coastal road.

20 mins in and I am already dying so I start asking questions like “So when do we turn back” and “Is anyone else’s ass hurting as much as mine?” The ride continues. It goes on and on and on. I manage to convince them to stop for water a few times because I feel like I am about to die. We finally get to a point where my older cousin says “Alright, let’s head back.” I was utterly shocked that we weren’t on our way back yet. So we make our way back home and luckily it is mostly a slight downhill. As we’re going back I feel like my bike isn’t managing this downhill slope as well as my cousins’ bikes are. We finally get home and I am about ready to murder both of them. I tell them that I thought my bike was slower than theirs. My cousin lifts up the bike, spins the back wheel and it stops immediately. Turns out I had been riding it and the brakes were slowing me down the whole time. I estimate we did about 30kms that day and I did it all while on a faulty braked bike.

I haven’t ridden one since.


Q. Do you have a favorite prank you like to pull on people on your or others’ Minecraft servers?

A. I enjoy replacing safe fall drops that use water with blue wool. So simple and so effective.


Q. Is Guudeland the greatest land?

A. Without a doubt. Try the pork buns.


Q. We always like to ask this of our Minecraft players: Do you prefer making long videos or short videos?

A. I like the 20 to 30 min video range. I’m not sure whether that classifies as short or long but it’s what I feel the most comfortable doing. It’s long enough to get a lot done but short enough that you don’t lose very many people along the way.


Q. Let’s talk about water in Minecraft. Why does it suck so much?  I mean seriously, it’s the worst.

A. It really is. It just slows you down so much. You can be hopping along in a cave, not a care in the world. Then suddenly, water blocks your way. You now have to make your way through this wet stuff at the slowest pace imaginable. A grueling swim through knee high water. Then when you finally get to the other side, there’s more around the corner… I just wanna walk!


Q. Are you going to keep playing Minecraft, GTA V, or are there other games you’d like to cover on your channel?

A. I will play anything and everything that interests me. Right now I play Forza Horizon 2 a lot. It’s a daily series. I also mix in some NHL 15 and occasionally an episode of The Forest. Keeps my channel varied and keeps me from getting burnt out on any one specific game.


Q. If you could have one item from GTA V available in Minecraft, what would it be?  What about an item from Minecraft in GTA V?

A. An item from GTA V that I would love in Minecraft is a Helicopter! I know it wouldn’t really fit in with the theme of the Minecraft world but man would it ever be convenient. An item in Minecraft that I would like in GTA V would be a fishing pole. It’d be so nice to go down to the dock and fish. I’m a very exciting person.


Q. Do you prefer single-player in GTA V?  Or do you like to romp around (and apparently air-hump) the world with your crew online?

A. Multiplayer is just too much fun! Don’t get me wrong, single player was great. But the fun multiplies tenfold when you’re playing with friends.


Q. For gamers out there that are not already familiar with your content, what is your channel all about?  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A. I’m just a guy who enjoys playing games. I play just about any genre and I’m not afraid to be terrible at the games I play. I try to come across as just an average guy who makes videos and has fun doing it. If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?


Q. What is the video you created, that you are most proud of? Why?

A. I would have to say the first episode of Steve vs Steve. It has become the most popular series on my channel! But before I made that first episode, I had never done anything like that before. I was extremely hesitant to put it out there. Luckily it was well received and now has over 8 million views!


Q. What is your favorite video game of all time? Why?

A. You can’t do this to me. Lol. I can’t pick. I think the game I played most growing up would have to be Super Mario Kart. I loved it and still do. But I have other favorites. Skyrim, FFVII, and Shenmue… who remembers Shenmue? I loved it.


Q. What’s your favorite YouTube trending video right now?

A. I don’t really keep up with trending videos on Youtube. But I will tell you that I never miss a video on the Petrolicious channel. I’m a car guy and their videos are basically porn for me.


Q. How did you get started on YouTube?  What was your inspiration for starting a channel?

A. I got started after watching Guude, Anderzel and others making “Let’s Play” videos. I kinda wanted an outlet to show people my work in Minecraft and when I stumbled across this video style, I fell in love. Guude and Anders seemed to be having so much fun too so I gave it a shot!


Q. What is your favorite video capture program?  Audio capture?

A. I’m old school and still use Fraps for both video and audio. There are other, deeper, more complex options but I like to keep things simple. There’s just less to go wrong.


Q. If you were to become any video game character for a day, who would it be?  Why?  What would you do?

A. If it’s just for a day, I would pick Steve from Minecraft. Imagine just being put in a blocky world with no limits and the freedom to do anything you wanted. It would be amazing. However, after a while, it would get lonely…  but it’s just for a day anyway. I’d be fine.


Q. Walk us through your typical work day.  How do you allocate your time between playing games, video creation and building your community?

A. Well, I get up around 9 and do nothing until lunch. I’m not a morning person so this is for the best. After lunch I head upstairs to my office and record from about 1pm to 5pm. Then the editing and rendering begins. Shortly afterwards, I have dinner then go back upstairs to do everything else. Uploading, thumbnails, and also any sort of social media stuff. My work day typically finishes around 9pm. Even then, I’m always checking Twitter, Reddit and reading comments until I go to sleep. Then I rinse and repeat the next day.


Q. What is your greatest YOLO moment?

A. I got invited to go on a European road trip by Microsoft to help launch Forza Horizon 2. I am not the kind of guy to put myself out there like this and as amazing as the offer was, I would have turned it down normally. However, I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity and just had to do it. I do not regret it. It was amazing. Turning Water to Wool   An Interview with TGN Partner VintageBeef


Q. For aspiring gaming YouTubers, what is your best advice for success?  What are the top things to avoid doing?

A. I would say my best advice is to just be yourself. Lot’s of people put on an act for youtube and that’s fine. But you’re going to have times where people see through that act and to me, not being genuine is a huge turn off for any of the channels I watch. I would much rather watch someone who enjoys the games he/she is playing than someone who has over the top commentary and tries to pretend that he/she is having the greatest time of their lives.

Another thing I would recommend is playing games that interest you. Don’t just play a game because it’s the flavor or the month. Play what interests you and grabs your attention. I think it comes across in a video when someone is truly invested in what they are playing.


Q. Any shout outs for your community?

A. Just want to thank anyone and everyone who has supported me over the years. I plan on doing this for as long as I can and hopefully you can all come along for the ride. Big shout out to the Meat Department crew! Tearing it up from GTA to Forza!


Q. How do you choose which games to play on your channel?  Do you go more for what’s trending or do you stick to games you love to play?

A. Like the advice I gave earlier, I play what interests me. If you try and play something just because it’s popular, it won’t lead to a good outcome. I want to have fun when I play a game, and as soon as it isn’t fun any more, it’s just business… and I hate business.


Woooie! That was a long but great (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID) interview!  Thank you so much VintageBeef for taking the time to answer our questions.  Be sure to check out his YouTube channel for amazing gameplay, ridiculous jokes, and just all-around fun playing video games.