Top 5 Overwatch Plays: TGN’s Best

Today’s top 5 is all about Overwatch, and the first ever top 5 Overwatch plays. TGN Squadron‘s own President Awall is here and he’s counting down the top 5 Overwatch plays from Blizzard’s most anticipated new game. While we still haven’t seen a sizable portion of Overwatch gameplay, our exalted Awall was able to grab his top 5 Overwatch plays from the current footage we have.


TGN Squadron Top 5 Overwatch Plays


Let’s kick this top 5 Overwatch plays list off with a bang! All aboard the hype train!

5. Bastion Crushes The Competition

Overwatch character Bastion gets a sick combo kill, even though he’s mostly a defensive character! As he stands his ground, multiple other characters come to attack him, and he just blasts them to smithereens with his configuration tank. Way to show that even the defensive characters can create a great offense when played right.


4. Hanzo’s Hacks

Escort missions are apparently a thing in Overwatch, and one of these objectives is guarding a payload from other characters. Hanzo, a mainly defensive character, makes a stand against heavy pressure from the enemy team. In the process of defending this payload he manages to score not one, not two, but three kills! In the midst of a wombo combo, pulling this off is an incredible play.


3. My Boy McCree

This one is awesome. The key here is that McCree uses his ultimate, but you have to make sure you are not seen while using it or else it completely loses its effectiveness (you must take the time to aim). This McCree knows what he’s doing, and lines his ultimate up to “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” three heroes. They probably don’t even know what hit them.


2. Zenyatta’s Orbs

Zenyatta’s throwing orbs, and the Orb of Discord (one of Zenyatta’s moves) makes it ridiculously easy to dps down opponents. Zenyatta tosses several orbs out onto the field, messing with several opponents, and manages to score two assists and two kills. Sick.


1. Earthshatter Pentakill

While Reinhardt is supposed to be the tankiest of tanks in Overwatch, this clip here shows he can be just as deadly on the offensive. As the enemy team groups up to engage, Reinhardt charges in with an Earthshatter, scoring two kills right off the bat, and knocking down the rest of his opponents. He then follows it up with a Fire Strike, for that tasty, tasty pentakill. Simply glorious that play was.


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Thanks for watching our top 5 Overwatch plays, and a special shout out to our illustrious leader, Awall, for casting those plays for us. We hoped you enjoyed these top 5 Overwatch plays, and for more excellent Overawatch coverage (and free tickets on the hype train), be sure to head on over to the TGN Squadron channel! We’ll see you in the next top 5 Overwatch plays video, fighters!