Top 5 Overwatch Plays: TGN Squadron’s Best

Each week, TGN Squadron brings out the top 5 Overwatch plays from the beta.

We’ve got TGN Squadron’s Awall here, and he’s ready with the top 5 Overwatch plays from the exclusive Overwatch beta. Each week, a TGN Squadron member will bring you the top 5 Overwatch plays from the beta, and this week, Awall’s got some good ones. Let’s enjoy these top 5 Overwatch plays.


Top 5 Overwatch Plays: TGN Squadron’s Best


Today we’re featuring the top 5 Overwatch plays from TGN Squadron. All of these clips have been submitted by the awesome TGN Squadron community. You can submit your own top 5 Overwatch plays here!


5. Triple Kill!

You really shouldn’t wander into a gunslinger’s path, and this play proves it. Awall takes the reigns as Jesse McCree and sits on the high ground on the payload-style Dorado map. The opposing team comes charging out and wham, bam, thank you ma’am, a triple kill with Deadeye. Look out for those sharpshooters, guys.


4. Bojingles As Bastion

Bastion’s here and he’s camping the heck out of a choke point. His damage game is on point as well as three enemies charge him, and three enemies die. Check it again in slo-mo and you’ll see him kill Tracer first, head shot the living bejesus out of Winston, and then finish off Mercy. Just brutal.


3. Going Ape

Winston does what he does best as a primal gorilla, and goes absolutely ham on the enemy team. He successfully traps them into a corner, and then pummels the living daylights out of them. This is what Primal Rage should be used for.


2. Soldier 76 Takes The Cake

Soldier: 76 is an extremely offensive character, and we truly see him excel at offense in this play. Using his Helix Rockets to annihilate Torbjörn first, he then picks off the other three remaining enemies with Tactical Visor. That was an insane quadrakill there.


1. Offensive Defense

It’s another defending Bastion on the Temple of Anubis map, and he’s arguably the best defensive character for this map. We’re about to see why, as he absolutely annihilates the enemy team from behind. They really did make the mistake of clumping up, those poor bastards.

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Thanks for watching our top 5 Overwatch plays, and a special shout out to our awesome TGN Squadron community for providing us with amazing video footage of these top 5 Overwatch plays. If you’d like to submit your plays to TGN Squadron for our top 5 Overwatch plays list, please check this link. See you next week!