Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers – TGN’s Best

See which of our top 10 microphones fits your YouTube channel the best.

There comes a time when every YouTuber, and TGN Partner, needs to up their audio game. Not only is audio practically fifty percent of your video, but good audio can bring in new viewers and subscribers, while bad audio can drive them away. This is where our top 10 microphones list comes in handy.

How do you know which microphone is right for you? TGN’s compiled a pretty sweet list of our top 10 microphones, though they are not listed in any particular order. This is because picking a microphone for your channel really comes down to what you need for your content.

We focused on three primary factors for our top 10 microphones here – recording needs, connections required, and price point. See which of our top 10 microphones fits your YouTube channel the best!


Tonor® Gold Professional Condenser Sound Microphone

We’ll start off with this microphone because it’s one of the cheapest on this top 10 microphones list, and it requires a 3.5mm jack. A 3.5 mm jack can be a blessing for some YouTubers, as USB real estate is at a premium on PCs (due to most everything else being USB). If you’re looking for an awesome, cheap mic to get you started, then look no further than this one.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
So shiny and gold!


The vocal quality is good, but you may hear some tinniness at the higher range. As well, there are reports that the mic is rather flimsy, so if you’re looking for something with a bit more weight, this may not be the mic for you.


BTSKY™ New USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

This is an excellent microphone for it’s price point, and it has both types of connectors – a USB and a 3.5 mm jack. This makes it one of the great top 10 microphones for YouTubers who are looking to upgrade to something that is versatile, but not too expensive.

The recording quality is excellent, and the mic does help reduce various ambient noises. Many users have said the quality of their recordings far exceeds anything at this current price point, even the illustrious Blue Yeti (which we will get to).


Samson Meteorite USB Condenser Microphone

If you record in an area where there is a lot of residential noise (like kids, airplanes, garbage trucks, etc), then this is one of the best top 10 microphones for you. This tiny ball mic is a cardioid pickup pattern, so it only picks up noises coming from directly in front of it. Terrible for singing, but great for speaking to your viewers and subscribers.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
This would look really cool on your desk, be honest.


Users reports crisp, frontal audio, but do report issues with situations like podcasts or multiple people in the same room talking. We highly recommend this mic for solo recordings, as is provides a very good sound, and reduces noise around you.


Accmart Universal Condenser Sound Recording Microphone

This is another one of the top 10 microphones that will require a 3.5mm jack, but for the low cost and ease of installation, it’s absolutely worth the price point. It’s literally a plug-and-play mic, which makes it super easy to use right out of the box.

Reports are that this mic is crystal clear with audio, and that vocals are extremely clear to the listener. The base it comes with is sturdy, and everyone who bought the mic thinks it looks cool with their setup.



We’re gonna get a little crazy here and actually throw a completely portable microphone on this top 10 microphones list, simply because it’s good to have one of these in your inventory, and it’s a very affordable one. There are other, cheaper options out there, but this small mic has the best bang for it’s buck.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
This tiny mic is great for movement heavy youtube channels.


It’s small, discreet, and it’s recording quality is excellent. If your channel requires a lot of movement, or you’re looking to conduct interviews, this mic can move with you and still pump out great recordings. That’s why it belongs on this top 10 microphones list.


Accmart Sound Condenser Podcast Studio Recording Microphone Mic

Continuing the trend of awesome, cheap top 10 microphones, we have this little ball on a stick that mimics a previous entry, but instead of being 3.5 mm, it’s got a USB connection. It’s also got a little bit of flair/style to it, which can be good if you show your mic on camera when you record.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
Some may think it’s silly looking, but it’s actually a great mic.


Several purchasers praise this model’s ability to cancel out background noise, as well as its clarity and recording quality. This is another plug-and-play mic, so it’s perfect for YouTubers who don’t want to deal with too much calibration, or drivers, right out of the box.


Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone

This mic looks super cool, and comes in different colors, but reviews show that if you don’t lean in close to this one, you may miss out on the best features. It gives your voice a silky, rich tone, but stray too far from the mic and you’ll lose a bit of quality.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
It really encapsulates that retro feel of the old microphones.


We would say this is an excellent mic for those of you that do not move around too much when you game or cast, because the sound quality is out of this world when you use this mic properly. It’s a very easy to use mic, and is quite affordable for most YouTubers.


Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

You knew this one was gonna be on this top 10 microphones list, right? It’s the most well-known, most versatile mic on the market, and it’s price point is nigh unbeatable. So many YouTubers use this mic and it’s with good reason; it’s one of the best mics on the market right now.

This sucker is packed with all sorts of features, including a tri-capsule array and multiple pattern selections that allow for the recording of frontal vocals, room vocals, or pretty much any type of vocals you could want, all with the flip of a button on the back. USB connections guarantee easy set-up, and, well, for the price you can’t get a better mic.


Razer Seiren Elite USB Digital Microphone

This is one of the top 10 microphones that is very similar to the Blue Yeti, with a tri-capsule array and multiple pattern selections, but it comes with a higher rate of sensitivity than the Blue Yeti. If you have a soundproofed studio, this will be an excellent addition.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
It’s sleek look appeals to many YouTubers.


The major complaint about this mic is the high gain, so it is recommended that you turn it down quite a bit once you get it. Once you do, though, you will have excellent sound quality that some users claim is better than the Yeti. Also, it totally looks cooler to some people.


Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Definitely our most expensive mic on this top 10 microphones list, this baby clocks in at over 200 bucks from most retailers. But, it is absolutely worth the money. You can record anything with this mic and it will sound, for lack of a better word, perfect.


Top 10 Microphones For YouTubers   TGNs Best
It’s small, but packs a punch.


It boasts the excellent cardioid recording pattern, has a usb connection and power supply (which at this stage is very important because the more advanced condenser mics need an additional power supply), and it’s super easy to use! If you’ve got the funds for this microphone, it’s an excellent investment for your channel’s audio, and one of the best of our top 10 microphones, if you can afford it.


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So, that’s our top 10 microphones list for our TGN Partners, and fellow Youtubers, to peruse and use! We hope you enjoyed reading it, and if you have any suggestions for other top 10 microphones below, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. See you in the next blog post, gamers!