TGN Unites with ESports for Call of Duty

The UNiTE organisation have done very well for themselves in a short time span after rebranding, most notably their NA team achieving a 2nd place finish at Major League Gaming’s Winter Championship in Dallas. The new team feature a team with the capability of pushing for top placements in Europe and will no doubt be looking to reinstate the UNiTE name back to the top after a poor performance at the CoD World Championships.

Daniel Mooney the CEO of UNiTE Gaming had this to say; Join TGN

“Originally stemming from UNiTE deciding who to partner our Youtube channel with (, we have received many offers but we wanted to choose a network who could see value in us as a team and not  just our CPM. TGN (The Gamer Nation) sounded just what we were looking for. On top of that TGN is actively becoming more involved in eSports and is looking for Call Of Duty teams and channels so we were a perfect match for one another.”

Andrew Wall, Head of TGN said;

“TGN is thrilled to be supporting a globally recognized eSports team. As the number one eSports network on YouTube we are proud to announce a new partnership with UNiTE Gaming.”

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