TGN Top 5 – Get Excited for Uncharted 4

One of the biggest announcements to come out of E3 was the new Uncharted game – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. TGN Partner Rurikhan was lucky enough to be at E3 this year and got a first person look at the latest gameplay trailer. TGN Partner Globku‘s right there to talk with Rurikhan about how awesome this game actually is.

Spoiler Alert: It’s really f*cking awesome.



You know you want to read along. Follow the script below in case you missed anything in the video:

Globku: Uncharted 4 is one of the most anticipated games for Playstation 4, and with good reason, Nathan Drake’s adventures have proven to be some of the most successful titles in the Playstation’s first party lineup.

Rurikhan: So players are once again looking to Naughty Dog to deliver on the promise of another amazing adventure, and from what we could tell, they’re not going to be disappointed. Hello Everyone, Rurikhan here with Globku, coming at you with another video and today we’ll be talking about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. While I was at E3 I attended a gameplay session, where I saw one of the Naughty Dog devs play through the level they showed during the Sony press conference.

Globku: Rurikhan, were you aware that Archaeology was that much fun?

Rurikhan: Globku, if that was the case I wouldn’t be doing this video.

Globku: Yep, you’d probably be dead in ditch in some place of historical significance.


5. Impressive Visuals and Animation

Globku: If it’s okay with you, Rurikhan, I think we should talk about graphics, ’cause they’re right up in our face and they look amazing.

Rurikhan: Well, Uncharted had been known to pretty much drive the leading edge of graphics when it comes to the Playstation console, and Uncharted 4 does not seem to be slouching in that department either. The visuals look amazing, the contextual animations are still there – like Nathan grabbing onto walls as he is moving, or shoving people to the side, you know, those kind of contextual animations. The facial expressions on the characters, which I’m not sure you guys saw during the press conference demo but, we had some really close-ups further on in the gameplay session that we were watching, and also the clothing, the animation of the clothing, cloth physics as well as the voice acting of the characters themselves. It’s not just about the visual fidelity, it’s also about the sound fidelity. They’re all top notch.

Globku: Totally. I was especially impressed by the animations in general. It seems like they have some crazy mo-cap obsessions over there at Naughty Dog Studios.


4. You Can Drive Vehicles

Globku: You can drive vehicles this time around! That much was showcased at the Sony’s press conference and I think you also saw the same demo in your private session as well. That scene looked awesome! Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Rurikhan: So the vehicle scene was a bit of a surprise for most Uncharted fans because previous entries in the franchise did not have any kind of driving available to them, so this is kind of a big feature. But what really excites me is not necessarily what we’ve seen, because, you know, even though you had control off the vehicle, you were kind of like moving around this same narrow pathway.But what excites me about it is the potential for other vehicles you can drive beyond the jeep, particularly for multiplayer.

Globku: I think Uncharted multiplayer is really underrated, so I’m definitely curious to see how the vehicles will integrate in multiplayer, if they will at all. They bring it from the single player experience or not.


3. Branching Paths

Globku: You mention the chase scene taking place on narrow roads and, in fact, it did look like there was a main road but sticking to that main road would probably be suicide so you would often take the side roads to avoid the armored car. Was this a linear thing, or are there multiple paths that you can take to dodge this enemy fire?

Rurikhan: So there are definitely some branching paths and there are multiple options that you can take as you are going down through the city. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen a little bit of that in the private session because the person playing actually messed up and took one of the wrong paths, but essentially what they did was they circled back around and put you on the right path. So, you have a lot of options, but as you take those different branching paths with the jeep, eventually they will lead you back to where they want you to go.

Globku: Well, Uncharted has been typically a linear game, so you’ll start on one place and end on another place. But if you want to do different stuff in between, break different ladders or different scaffolding, you can do that!


2. Over the Top Action

Globku: I’ve seen in Uncharted games, but this one seems to be stepping it up a notch. Jumping from a rooftop and punching enemies in the face from vehicle to vehicle – machine guns, action bullets, so much stuff happening on screen! Is action over the top at all times like we’ve seen on the gameplay demo?

Rurikhan: So on the private session I’ve attended, they also have some of the dialogue scenes we’ve seen in previous Uncharted games, where they’re basically telling you the story, telling you about the character motivations and all that. But, they also have a lot more action that takes place after what you’ve seen in the press conference.

Globku: Oooh! So tell us what happens after Drake grapples the truck and hits the scaffold!

Rurikhan: So, after hitting the scaffolds, Drake is trying to climb onto the truck as best as he can and eventually gets put in the situation where he’s just sliding through the mud being dragged by the truck, while he is also shooting out people who are trying to kill him, while he’s grappling onto the rope. Eventually he manages just to climb onto the truck which he then uses as cover, and another shoot-out scene takes place where he’s killing people that are around the truck. During this scene, Drake is able to take out jeeps by shooting out their tires, or even sometimes shooting out their engines. He takes out bikes, and eventually the truck itself takes enough damage that it’s about to explode, therefore Drake jumps onto another jeep, takes control of it, and just continues on providing cover for his brother.

Globku: Wow, that sounds pretty insane, Ruri! Is there a happy ending to all this?

Rurikhan: Well, it all depends on your definition of a happy ending. Drake is alive at the end of it all but he’s taken quite a beating.

Globku: Beatings are my version of a happy ending.


1. Cinematic Done Right

Globku: You’ve just described a plethora of actions during this chase scene. Drake climbing the truck, shooting out people, taking over other trucks. Are these done via cinematic cutscenes, or is there, like, a clever system to it?

Rurikhan: So the Uncharted series, as always, danced a bit around the line of what should be a cinematic, and what should be giving players agency, and to be honest, from what i could tell, it seemed that there is quite a bit of player control throughout the cinematic moments. There are definitely some moments where you’re not in control, like maybe when they’re doing the animation of Drake climbing onto the truck. But shortly after that you are immediately in control and you can choose which side of the truck you’re going to take cover, to make sure that you get the best angle for shooting. And during some of those cinematic missions they also make use of QTEs, but it didn’t seem to me like it was too much out of control, like press triangle every three seconds or something or die.

Globku: And I’m sure the minimalistic HUD also helps this cinematic feeling, but I gotta ask Rurikhan….what about the framerate? Is it a cinematic framerate?

Rurikhan: From what I could tell on my private session, the framerate was 30 fps, but it doesn’t really suprise me because Naughty Dog has always been more about graphical fidelity and squeezing as much details as possible into these characters over the 60 fps thing.

Globku: Well, guys, those were Rurikhan‘s impressions after watching the extended gameplay demo for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Do you guys have any questions about this game? Rurikhan might be able to answer them! Leave them down in the comments below. While you’re down there click the like button and subscribe to TGN if you haven’t already.

Rurikhan: Thank you very much for watching, and I’ll see you, in the next one.

Globku: Byyyeeeeee.”