TGN Top 5 – Bethesda’s First E3 Press Conference

The E3 hype-train is so very real, and Bethesda’s the perfect company to start it rolling down the tracks. They held their E3 press conference last night, amidst the final episode of Game of Thrones (ballsy), and revealed some pretty epic things! Were you too busy last night watching [SPOILER ALERT] happen in GoT? TGN‘s got you covered!

And who better to cover our butts than TGN Partner Globku with his Top 5 Bethesda announcements – hot off of last night’s presses:



Want to read along to Globku‘s smexy voice? Check out the full video transcript below:

“Bethesda just had its first E3 press conference and it was a blast. If you’ve missed it, no worries, we’re gonna run down the top 5 things that happened over there, just so you don’t miss anything.

Bethesda Announcement 5

The Elder Scrolls Legends. This is a brand new virtual trading card game, similar to Hearthstone if you’d like, set in the world of The Elder Scrolls series. This will be coming to PC and iPad later this year. All they’ve shown was a cinematic trailer, so details on how the game actually works are still unknown.

Bethesda Announcement 4

Opening the Bethesda show, we saw a lot of single player gameplay and a lot of demon slaughtering from DOOM. Something that’s new to the series is loot dropping; enemies now drop health and ammo for you to pick up, and there’s also executions. If you get close enough to one of the demons you can perform a super gory execution. They also showed a little bit of multiplayer and something they’re calling Snapmap, where you create your own challenges and share it with other players. The tools they showcased look really cool, so players will be able to express their creativity in lots of crazy ways!

Bethesda Announcement 3

Fallout Shelter was a complete surprise. This is a mobile game! They mentioned it being available in the app store and they developed it in partnership with Apple, so it is likely exclusive to apple devices but I could be wrong. This game reminded me a lot of This War of Mine, but bit more colorful. You manage a group of people inside one of the vaults and they can level up; you can send them out to scavenge the wasteland; develop relationships; build up your vault; defend yourself from Raiders and others types of dangers.

And this is all free. Absolutely free, no paywalls, no timers to build stuff! However, there are micro-transactions if you wanna get more random loot but nothing that should stop you from enjoying the game without spending a single penny. And at the end of the presentation they dropped the bomb that this game is already out. It was released right at the end of the press conference, so you can play it right now!  Go do it! Download it! Check it out for yourself – it’s free after all. And then let us know how your vault is going.

Bethesda Announcement 2

Dishonored 2. It’s awesome to get a confirmation that this game is being made. I wish they would have shown some gameplay but we got a pretty sweet cinematic trailer. You can play as one of two characters this time, Corvo, the protagonist from the first game, or Emily. Remember Emily? She was just a little girl in the first game. Both of them have a unique set of abilities and gadgets. They mention you being able to mix them in some interesting ways, so maybe there is a character switch mechanic they’re implementing, but I guess we’ll know more about that in the future. They didn’t announce a release date, but it’s coming out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

On a sidenote: they’re releasing Dishonored Definitive Edition, which includes the original game and the three dlc packs that they’ve released, coming out for Xbox One and PS4 this fall.

Bethesda Announcement 1

There’s no doubt about it, Fallout 4 was the big thing at Bethesda’s presser. It was the game that closed the show; the one they spent the most time talking about, and even you guys let us know that this was the number one thing you wanted to see at E3. You even called me out every single video because I didn’t play the previous ones.

Bethesda had a total of 4 trailers for Fallout at the show. Well, technically 3 – one of them was a slideshow of concept art; that doesn’t count. The big surprise seems to be crafting. You can build your own shelter in Fallout, with items that you pick up during your own adventures. There’s even a mini game where you defend your own town with turrets that you craft. And the crafting seems to expand to the weapons and your power armor.

And they mention this was all optional; You can get into the crafting if you want, or you can just play the game that you’re used to playing. They’ve also shown the first few minutes of gameplay where you customize your character (both the male and female versions), the moment where you find the dog, and I’m sure there’s plenty more stuff that you guys will be able to pick out from these trailers. And we also got a release date. November 10th of this year. I think it’s appropriate to say… called it.

Honorable Mentions

A couple of honorable mentions, just so I make sure that everything that happened is covered in this video. They showed Battlecry, which doesn’t look too earth-shattering, but they’re extending their closed Beta to everyone, so you can signup for that if the game interests you. They also revealed some upcoming content for The Elder Scrolls Online. Looks like they have a couple of new areas coming out still this year, and they’ve announced, which is a new online platform for Bethesda games! So now we get to enjoy adding another to the collection of launchers! I mean we only have, Steam, Origin, uPlay, so hey, one more. What’s the difference?

And that’s all that happened at Bethesda’s press conference. Let me know in the comments what was your favorite thing at this event. And if it was Fallout feel free to tell me how much I suck for not having played the previous games. Check back soon for more E3 coverage!  This has been Globku, take care everyone, cya next time.”