TGN Top 10 – Mad Max Vehicles

This is Globku with TGN Central, and today I’m bringing you the TGN Top 10 Mad Max vehicles.

The Mad Max video game is on schedule to be released soon, so what better time to go through a TGN Top 10 of the most epic Mad Max vehicles. Will your favorite Mad Max ride be on this list? Tune into TGN Partner Globku‘s TGN Top 10 to find out.



We’ve included the script below in case you miss one of our TGN Top 10 Mad Max vehicles:

“Out in the wasteland, if you ain’t got wheels, you’re a dead man. But which wheels are you worthy of driving? With the release of the Mad Max game creeping closer and closer, and with its heavy focus on car customization, I couldn’t help but wonder which kinds of Mad Max vehicles we would be able to drive. If you’re reading this article, Avalanche Studios, here are the TGN Top 10 suggestions you could put in your game.

10. The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is Papagallo’s vehicle in Road Warrior. A custom vehicle built from scratch. It’s not heavily armored, but it’s fast, and equipped with two truck fuel tanks because of its massive fuel consumption. It’s built for high speed, and long journeys.

9. Dodge

The Dodge is the Citadel’s premier Fire Car. An old school hot rod, even the the name is hot, aspirated with a roots blower mounted low ahead of the radiator, which is one of the last good filters on the wasteland.

8. F100 Truck

Driven by Lord Humungus, this truck only has one seat, and is equipped with a loudspeaker system. It’s easy to recognize this vehicle because it’s usually carrying two hostages in the front. It’s also powered by nitro and even though it has six wheels, it can be used to catch up with the V8 interceptor.

7. The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker is what you’d get if you married a muscle car to a tank. A Chrysler Valiant Charger on top of tracks instead of wheels makes this vehicle useful to drive in harsh terrain. It doesn’t have many defences though, apart from the guns their occupants carry with them.

6. Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock is the porcupine car of these Mad Max vehicles. Covered in spikes, this vehicle is perfect to stop anyone from boarding your car in the desert. It’s rusty and mostly made of scrap, but I know I wouldn’t want to jump on one of those.

5. Gyrocopter

The Gyrocopter. It’s the only one of the Mad Max vehicles that’s not a car on this list, and probably why it deserves it’s own spot. Flying vehicles are rare in the wasteland, which provide the owner of this Gyrocopter an almost unfair advantage. I say almost because, in order for it to fly, it can’t be heavily armored, leaving the driver open to a well aimed shot.

4. Interceptor

Max’s original muscle car started as a standard 1973 Ford Falcon, but was modified to become a police interceptor in the original movie. It’s the wheels that Max used to bring down Toecutter and his gang of misfits. This vehicle just isn’t higher on this TGN Top 10 list of Mad Max vehicles because it’s really more about the driver than the car itself.

3. The Gigahorse

Two Cadillacs on top of each other, which in turn are on top of a giant monster truck set of wheels. The bottom shell is equipped with a custom windshield, the upper Cadillac has been modified to function as a turret with harpoon guns mounted in the back. It’s a beefy machine to ride around in the wasteland.

2. The War Rig

The War Rig is an astounding 78 foot, 18 wheeler truck that hauls a tanker and a fuel pod. The main tanker is equipped with two turrets, armed with harpoon guns, but its power comes from the raw weight this thing has. As stated in the movie, this is a 2000-horse powered nitro boosted war machine – I think that says it all.

1. Doof Wagon

Even though it’s not your typical physical machine of destruction, you gotta admit it’s a pretty epic vehicle. Used to rally the troops and get them pumped for battle, it’s the vehicle version of ancient war drums echoing in the distance. Speakers stacked, flame-throwing guitars, and drummers mounted in the back, the Doof Wagon is, without a doubt, my favorite of the Mad Max vehicles, and that’s why it’s number on in my TGN Top 10.

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And those were my TGN Top 10 Mad Max vehicles. If you had to live in the wasteland, which one of these vehicles would you pick? Let me know your answer in the comments below, or if you have different Mad Max vehicles you would pick. I’m Globku with TGN Central, and I’ll see you next time.”