TGN Squadron Top 5 Plays

Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron Top 5 Plays weekly video submit their top plays and fails to their supreme overlords.

Oh my gosh it’s Khaldor from the TGN Squadron, and he’s here with the TGN Squadron top 5 plays from our Heroes of the Storm community. Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron Top 5 plays video submit their top plays and fails to their supreme overlords, and each week the TGN Squadron top 5 plays and fails are showcased in all their epic glory.


TGN Squadron Top 5 Plays in Heroes of the Storm


Today we’re featuring the TGN Squadron top 5 plays from Heroes of the Storm. All of these clips have been submitted by the awesome TGN Squadron community. You can submit TGN Squadron Top 5 plays here!

5. Steeroids

Let’s get our Wombo Combo in on this first clip, featuring the red team’s E.T.C., Gazlowe, and Nova. As the red team is getting pummeled in a giant team fight in Blackheart’s Bay. E.T.C. goes in for the mosh pit and catches the blue team off-guard. Gazlowe and Nova are right behind the stun with a Wombo Combo of epic proportions, and successfully wipe out the entire blue team with a massive burst of damage and some very well timed stuns.

4. By The Skin of His Bones

We’re back in Blackheart’s Bay, and three red team members are trying to take down and gain control of a boss. They have barely a sliver of health left on the boss when the enemy Leoric charges right in and drops an Entomb right on the boss to keep the enemy team from claiming it. At the end of the giant team fight that happens, the blue team now has control of the boss, and Skeleton King Leoric is laughing all the bank.

3. Fish in a Barrel

Blackheart Bay seems to be the map of the week, and we’re joined on this map by the red and blue teams, currently embroiled in a fight right before the boss. The red team’s Zagara nails an excellent Devouring Maw, but this just pisses the blue team’s Rainor off. Blue Rainor backs away from the fight, makes the call to Hyperion, and the strafing run across the enemy team begins. The red team tries to run – only to be Quad-Mawed by the blue team’s Zagara. R.I.P. in peace, red team.

2. Give Me Hope, Johanna!

Cue the Benny Hill music, because Johanna is wrecking stuff up. We join the blue team on the Battlefield of Eternity, where they are currently working to take their Immortal. In comes Johanna with her ridiculous moves, picking the blue team’s members off one by one. They are desperately trying to kill their Immortal, and in the end Johanna stands alone, with the corpses of the blue team at her feet.

1. MEAT!

Oh man, okay, this is amazing. We’re watching The Butcher here, who seems to be hanging in the back and waiting for his opportunity. The chance presents itself after an interesting team battle, and The Butcher goes for the Ruthless Onslaughter. It’s literally an RKO outta nowhere as he reaches his target and blows up three heroes on the blue team.  The lone Tyrande tries to escape, but The Butcher chases her down and finishes the job. An amazing quadkill right there.

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Thanks for watching our top 5 plays from Heroes of the Storm, and a special shout out to our awesome TGN Squadron community for providing us with amazing video footage of these TGN Squadron top 5 plays. If you’d like to submit your plays to TGN Squadron for our top 5 plays list, please check this link. See you next week, heroes!