TGN Squadron – Teaching Tychus

TGN Partner AverageAdam is back to blast you with some high-powered Tychus info. If you’ve been looking for a high-damage man who can run around in Heroes of the Storm and just annihilate things with bullets and lasers and grenades…well….Tychus is your guy. Get an awesome overview of his moves and abilities from TGN Squadron’s own AverageAdam:



Didn’t catch everything the first time around? Read the transcript below:

Hello everyone AverageAdam here! And today we’re going to be giving you a Hero overview for Tychus, the Notorious outlaw. Tychus Findley is Jim Raynor’s old buddy from the Starcraft universe. A convicted convict clad in marine armor and wielding a large gatling gun.

Tychus is a Ranged assassin who excels in dealing sustained damage through his quick auto-attacks as well as his deadly arsenal of abilities. His main strengths are his good, reliable damage that he can pump out, as well as his terrific zone control.

Tychus’ Trait is Mini Gun. Tychus’ auto attacks may start up slow, but after a few attacks his mini-gun begins to speed up – becoming the fastest auto-attacker in the game.  Important to note that if he stops attacking for a few seconds the mini-gun will go back to it’s slowest speed and have to be wound up again.

Tychus’ Q ability is Overkill. Tychus’ mini gun sends out a shower of bullets in a cone in front of him towards his selected target for a few seconds. Tychus can also re-activate the ability to switch his main target. Also note that ALL of Tychus’ other basic abilities CAN be activated during the channel period of Overkill.

Tychus’s W is Frag Grenade. Tychus lobs a grenade at target location, dealing moderate damage. Enemy units hit by Frag Grenade are knocked away from the center of the explosion.

Tychus’ E ability is Run and Gun. This is a short range dash ability that is Tychus’ key positioning tool. Using Run and Gun also instantly winds up his mini gun to max attack speed.

Tychus’ two Heroic abilities provide very different forms of continuous damage. Both are very good and part of what is key to success with Tychus is knowing which Heroic suits your situation best.

Drakken Laser Drill summons a drill at target location to do continuous damage to a single target within a circular radius. Also note that the ability can be activated again to switch targets and it can be easily destroyed by enemy heroes.

Tychus’ other Heroic Ability, Commandeer Odin, is a bit more complicated than the Drill. After a brief cast time Tychus jumps into his ‘borrowed’ Odin-class Mech unit, gaining increased attack damage, range, and as well as 3 new abilities:

The first of these abilities, Odin’s Q, is Annihilate. The Odin fires its cannons in a straight line doing damage to everything along its path.

The Odin’s W is Ragnarok Missiles. This fires a volley of missiles in a circular area that slows and deals damage to enemies caught in its radius.

The Odin’s E is Thrusters, which basically is the same ability as his Run and Gun, minus the minigun windup.
On the battlefield Tychus should stay positioned behind his tankier warrior teammates. The fact that Tychus can activate all of his abilities while using his Overkill make him extremely mobile and great at dealing damage while moving. This is great for situations when chasing, or being chased by an enemy hero. There is nothing more rewarding than being chased by an enemy hero, using your Overkill ability to deal decent damage to them, and then turning the tables on them with a grenade.

As I said before, knowing which of Tychus’ heroic abilities to take in which situation is key to excelling with him. You should take the Odin in situations where being close to the enemy team usually leads to your death. Using it’s long ranged abilities you can safely unload your Annihilate and Ragnarok missiles to do great damage from afar. Tychus may look big and beefy in that Odin mech, but he’s actually pretty squishy.

The Drill heroic, on the other hand, is very good in dueling situations as well as tower sieging. Just make sure that when you do drop it down, you put it in a safe location – not too close to the action. A common mistake for Tychus players is throwing the drill down in the front lines. Doing so usually leads to it getting bursted down by the enemy team.

Tychus also provides some decent utility with his team in the form of his grenades. Throwing them correctly you can either knock enemy chasing heroes farther away from you, or catch fleeing heroes by knocking them towards you. During team fights it’s usually best to save your grenade while searching for the opportunity to interrupt enemy channeled heroic abilities such as Kael’thas’ Pyroblast or Li Li’s Jug of 1000 Cups.

Tychus is one of the more mobile ranged assassins so you should probably get used to moving around constantly on the battlefield. This not only makes it difficult for enemy skillshots to hit you, but also may keep you alive a lot longer.

Anywho, if you like midrange assassins that excel at zone control and dealing tons of damage, you should definitely give tychus a try! Be sure to subscribe to us here for more guides and leave a comment on which hero you would like to see next. This is AverageAdam signing off, until we meet next time.