TGN Squadron Patreon – Pledge Today!

Do you enjoy watching TGN Squadron content all day long? Do you long for another #ALLDAY livestream, chock full of TGN Squadron members? Well, now’s your chance to get what you want, all through pledging to the TGN Squadron Patreon! You can help out your favorite Heroes of the Storm YouTubers with your Patreon pledge, and get even more of that tasty, tasty content that you Heroes of the Storm fans enjoy so much!


TGN Squadron Patreon Support – Pledge Today!



Why A TGN Squadron Patreon?

After getting tons of pokes and prods about getting a subscription button on Twitch, we have, sadly, come to the conclusion that right now, that’s not a solution. Laywers are OP, plz nerf.

Despite all of that, we thought we would give you the next best thing to sub buttons. So here’s the TGN Squadron Patreon, complete with epic rewards for epic pledges! By no means is this necessary, as we will still continue to create content, but we felt that if we were accepting money we should give something special to our direct donors. A TGN Squadron Patreon allows us to do that in an efficient way.

So here’s the deal – if you want to pledge money to us every month, like subscribing to Twitch, then this is your option. We are still working with Twitch so that we can have amazing emotes and such, but until our lawyers can sort things out, this is closest we get to having a Twitch sub button.


The Rewards For Pledging

Take a look at our rewards for pledging! Starting at just $1 a month that gives you access to our Patreon Activity feed, where we update our subscribers with behind the scenes updates, content and travel updates, and if Hengest’s thoughts on Diablo have changed yet (still sucks).

Buff up your pledge to $25 and the TGN Squadron members will give you a shout out as a special thanks in one of our VoDs or livestreams, along with all of the awesome rewards from the previous three tiers. We made sure the rewards are well worth the pledge, as we here at TGN Squadron believe in giving back to those who support us.

All money will go directly into support for the TGN Squadron, meaning more editors, shows, fun giveaways, inside jokes (okay no – those are free), and faster production. We might look into other things as well,as we are always looking to increase your pledge’s value. We love our fans!

 – – – – – – – -

Don’t worry, TGN Squadron will still be making tons of excellent Heroes of the Storm content for our fans, regardless of how many pledges we get. But imagine, just for a moment, how much more content you could get if you supported us! So come on over to the TGN Squadron Patreon and toss us a few bucks, we promise to keep entertaining the heck out of our fans. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one, gamers.