TGN Squadron HotS Tutorial: The Butcher

It’s time again for TGN Squadron member AverageAdam to take us through the ins and outs of a brand new character! Who’s on the slab for this episode?

Why it’s none other than The Butcher from, holy crap, the original Diablo! Can’t wait to see what crazy moves they gave this b*tch of a boss.



Want to read along because the music is just 2spoopy4u in this video? Check out the full script below:

“Hello everyone! TGN Squadron member AverageAdam here, bringing you our base guide to the most horrible creature ever to walk the Nexus, The Butcher!

A bloated and grotesque creature, The Butcher is a sadistic being that relishes in the torture and pain of others. Stitched together from the various parts of other demons and fused together to combine their strengths, then given life through wicked magic, this hellbeast straight out of the nightmarish entries in Deckard Cain’s journal lives for one thing, and one thing only.


In Heroes of the Storm, Butcher is a melee assassin who is able to catch enemy heroes off-guard, pin them down and smash their faces in with brutal melee strikes. He is pretty much a hero for those who like to run headlong into a fight and beat their target to a bloody pulp.

The Butcher’s Trait is Fresh Meat. Enemy minions and heroes that die near The Butcher drop Fresh Meat. Minion Meat is worth one and Hero Meat is worth 3. And if he picks up this meat he is rewarded with 1% bonus attack power per stack of meat. All meat stacks of are lost upon death.

The Butcher’s Q is Hamstring. This is a short range skillshot ability that deals damage and applies a slow to all enemies hit that decays over a couple seconds. Also upon using Hamstring The Butcher’s auto attack timer is reset and instantly applies another auto attack to his target as long as it’s in his melee range.

The Butcher’s W is Butcher’s Brand. This damages and marks an enemy for a few seconds. During its duration all auto attacks The Butcher performs on this branded enemy with will heal him for a significant amount of the damage done. The healing amount is doubled when used on enemy heroes. This is The Butcher’s primary survival ability and needs to be well timed if he’s going to survive most team fights.

The Butcher’s E is Ruthless Onslaught. The Butcher becomes unstoppable and begins to charge at target enemy, gaining increased movement speed the longer it lasts. If he makes contact with his target they will take damage and become stunned. Note that you can get away from this ability before it has a chance to hit you, but there are very few heroes who have the means for which to do so.

The Butcher has two really awesome heroic abilities. One adds massive burst damage. The other provides some really unique utility. Both of these heroics are really good. But as always choose the one that’ll best suit your situation, the one that’ll be the best for your team comp, and do the best against the enemy team comp.

His first heroic is Furnace Blast. After a couple seconds of delay, fire erupts from the ground all around The Butcher dealing massive damage to all enemies hit. This ability can also be activated during the charge time of Ruthless Onslaught. If you time it right you can very easily pick off a fleeing enemy hero with a charging explosion.

His second heroic is Lamb to the Slaughter. The Butcher throws down a hitching post at target location dealing damage and attaching a chain to the closest enemy hero to it’s center. Picture the goat scene from Jurassic Park. For the next few seconds the chained enemy hero is that goat, and cannot get away from the radius around the post. Any feeble attempts to do so will cause the hero to yet yanked back into its radius. This includes dashes, leaps and yes…even Bolt of the Storm.

When hunting down your newest victim your order of operations should be this: open up with Ruthless Onslaught, once the stun makes contact begin to auto attack them. If then turn to fight you apply Butcher’s Brand and heal through any damage that they might deal. If they look like they are about to run away, hit them with the slow from Hamstring and pursue. In most cases this will result in an easy kill but, in some, you may have to back off and try again later. It’s great to instill that fear into your terrified opponents. Let them know that there is giant flesh beast out for blood in the fog of war trying to repeatedly gank them. You use those mindgames.

The biggest key to playing The Butcher is positioning. Unlike most other melee assassins, he lacks any real ability to escape. So once you jump into a fight, you’re kinda committed to see it through till the end. Make sure to pick your fights carefully, though, enemy teams with a lot of crowd control can very easily shut this guy down. In these situations, consider flanking and charging into the stragglers in their back line that get left behind. We all know what happens in horror movies when someone gets separated from the group. Capitalize on that!

But the hardest choice you’ll have to make in every game with the Butcher is which heroic to take. Yes, Furnace Blast may seem like the go-to talent for it’s insane burst damage, but don’t write-off Lamb to the Slaughter as the lesser of two evils. Against teams with notoriously difficult to catch heroes this could be just the ability you need to secure those kills.

There are also many heroes that rely on the Sprint talent to make a quick getaway when the fight turns sour for them. This ability completely nullifies almost all of those escape abilities. So between the massive damage of Furnace Blast and the lock-down potential of Lamb to the Slaughter you got quite a decision on your hands. But as long as you select the one that best fits your team comp and works best against theirs, you should be alright.

So you like siding with the creature of children’s nightmares? Do you like to get into the faces of your enemy and hack away at them with an axe? Do you idolize Jack the Ripper? If so you might wanna go see a psychiatrist but then, between sessions, you can pick up this game and play with The Butcher! Thank you all for watching! Subscribe to the Squadron channel here for more great guides and as always…never go out…alone…”