TGN Squadron First Impressions – Battlefield of Eternity

It’s time for some eternal conflict in Heroes of the Storm! The fight between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells has spilled into the Nexus, breeding a new battleground that is equal parts righteous and wicked. Angels, demons, and now heroes clash in ceaseless combat in their struggle for dominance over the latest Heroes of the Storm battlefield!

The new Diablo themed Heroes of the Storm map, titled Battlefield of Eternity, was released on the Public Test Realm! TGN Squadron battled firsthand on the new battlefield, and TGN Partners MFPallytime and Hengest have some first impressions to share with our fans. Check out the video below for your first glimpse into the newest map:



We’ve also got a few sweet highlights, where the TGN Squadron comments on how the new map plays and looks! Read along during the most informative moments of the video…

…such as when the objectives spawn on the new map:

“MFPallytime – Oh! The Immortals spawn before the mercenary camp timer.

Hengest: Which is the big objective on this map.

MFPallytime: Fascinating.

Hengest: Let’s take a look. Here’s the angel. It’s a…big angel and…

MFPallytime: Okay, so, we need to hit their demon. Basically whichever thing dies first, loses.

Hengest: And we might be able to heal the friendly? Maybe? *mouse clicking noises* Uhh, no you cannot heal the friendly. So yeah, the goal is to allow your angel or demon to beat out the opponent. And I think, they will have full hp, but the more hp thy have when they win the ballte, the stronger it is, so you kinda gotta Grave Golem mechanic going on there.

MFPallytime: Right, right right right.”

…or comments on how the map looks:

“MFPallytime: Yeah, I agree with you, though, the textures here just don’t look…finished. It is the PTR…

Hengest: They’re high res. Yeah. They’re high res, but,they, they’re lacking character, you know? At least on the Heaven side. Maybe that’s intended? The Heaven’s supposed to be, like, flawless looking, floors and stuff.

MFPallytime: Yeah, yeah.

Hengest: But it definitely looks like it’s lacking character, like you said.”

…or realizing just how squishy the demon actually is:

“MFPallytime: I should be able to get Zeratul here. *Zeratul starts running*  Zeratul, I said, I should be able TO GET YOU HERE! STOP LEAVING!

Hengest: *laughs* Alright, let’s focus on defense.

MFPallytime: There we go, that’s what I’m talking about!

Hengest: This guy’s tearin apart forts.

MFPallytime: Alright, on my way.

Hengest: Man, look how much damage he’s doing.

MFPallytime: God, he looks cool.

Hengest: This is more like a late game, kinda late game…

MFPallytime: He is immune to CC effects, or displacement effects, I guess, at the very least. He doesn’t have a a lot of health though. I mean, look at how fast we killed him.

Hengest: No he doesn’t. Not at all, wow. Interesting. So, those guys are kinda like glass cannons compard to uh, like a grave golem. They’re more similar to, like a dragon knight. Dragon knights are pretty squishy.

MFPallytime: Yeah.”