TGN Squadron: Fight with the Femmes

TGN Squadron‘s got something new for our fans! You’ve all seen KiyeBerries and Gillyweed join Brawl with the Bros on Wednesday nights….well now you can watch them kick ass on their own show, Fight with the Femmes.

Fight with the Femmes is an all-female, Heroes of the Storm community stream led by TGN Partners Gillyweed and KiyeBerries. It’s streamed every Tuesday from 5-7pm CST!

Check out their inaugural live stream below:


We’ve got some awesome live stream highlights for you as well! Like the moment where you get some Warcraft III Lore dropped on ya:


Caisha: Uh, someone’s saying, ‘Why does Anub’Arak say “kinky” once in a while or am I mishearing?” What is…*laughs*

Gillyweed: No he actually does say that…

KiyeBerries: Yeah he’s actually saying “King Key”. It’s like a play on words, uh, back from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne since he was the Underking of the Nerubians. It’s, he’s still saying “King Key”, but he’s also saying, like this [types “king ky” into chat], like it’s supposed to be funny. And he said it…

Caisha: …dropping some lore knowledge…

KiyeBerries: Yeah, he’s, yeah cause he was the Nerubian King. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Caisha: There you go, guys.

Or when they were all scared of one of the players:


Caisha: I do happen to like that Valetheia went uh, went Sonya on this map because I love Sonya.

KiyeBerries: Dude, Valetheia’s Sonya…


KiyeBerries: He is…

Caisha: Get the chest! Get the coins! Omg they’re just sitting there…wow.

KiyeBerries: Valetheia’s’s so reckful on Sonya, like, I’m a little frightened. We had a game the other day, okay, like, he killed like three people, went in on a shrine on Sky Temple at like half health – killed like everyone. It was outta control. I can’t even describe it to you, it shouldn’t even be legal.

Or the moment that they talk about the “core” of the game:

Gillyweed: Still lookin’ good team.

KiyeBerries: Hey, we can do this. All we have to do is kill their guys more times than they’ve killed our guys.

Gillyweed: Well that…

Caisha: I don’t think that that’s…I dunno

KiyeBerries: Yeah, no, that’s what we do. And, then while their guys are dead, we’ll kill their buildings.

Caisha: Ohhh….what about {inaudible}. What do we do then?

KiyeBerries: I mean, we can take those. We’ll go there and fight their guys.

Caisha: And kill them.

KiyeBerries: Yeah, I think the core though, the core principle, is to kill their guys more than they kill our guys.

Gillyweed: The core principle?

KiyeBerries: Yeah

Gillyweed: I think the core principle is to kill the core.

KiyeBerries: That will happen when their guys are dead.

Caisha: *chuckles* Just magically. Like as soon as they die, we’re just gonna flop over with zero.