TGN Partners: The Value of Fans

One thing all TGN Partners want is a ton of fans. You want a multitude of other people who like and subscribe to your content. They are the backbone of your channel, for without fans, a channel cannot grow. So, how do you gauge which fans help and which fans hurt?

TGN‘s got a few tips and tricks to help you identify which fans are your most valuable, which ones can be cultivated into awesomesauce, and how to make it easier for them to get your channel growing.

Channel MVPs

These guys and gals are your most valuable assets. They’re always there, watching every video, commenting on and liking everything you do, and generally stirring up discussions. They will go out of their way to speak with people and share your channel with their friends and fellow YouTubers.

These fans have a positive impact on your channel and you absolutely need to pay attention to them. Take time out of your day to speak with them either via comments or social media. You’ll want to pamper Channel MVPs as best you can. You can make them moderators of your channel, or give them special privileges, or just shout out at them every once in a while. A little attention can go a very long way, and your die-hard fans will absolutely adore it.

“Take time out of your day to speak with them

either via comments or social media.”

You should engage with these fans as quickly as possible, as well. Word of mouth, or I guess keyboard in this matter, is king on the internet, and at the speed information travel nowadays, you need to be fast on the draw when it comes to fan relations. Immediately engaging with a fan shows the fan that they are important to you – important enough to warrant and immediate response.

TGN Partners: The Value of Fans


Potential MVPs

Sometimes a subscriber is just that, a subscriber who will comment if asked for giveaways and the like, and will always catch your videos and RT your tweets. But, they just don’t seem to want to engage on the same level at the real MVPs. They’re more aloof and might not require the attention that the Channel MVPs require. While Channel MVPs will reach out to you, these guys and gals will not. So, you must reach out to them.

TGN Partners: The Value of Fans


Get a head start on connecting with potential MVPs by following their social media accounts and interacting with them. If they create content, watch and comment on it. Pay attention to them when they speak up and give them the same courtesies current MVPs have, or let them know that these courtesies are available if they want to chat a bit more. We say do this for about a week or two, and if the fan is reciprocating, wonderful! If not, we recommend calling it quits and focusing your energy elsewhere. Your time is valuable as well and needs to be spent with fans who will interact with you.


Collaboration Companions

Fans gained through collaboration are there for the other YouTubers in your video, but you can turn them into something bigger if you’ve got the motivation. There’s a reason these potential fans are watching your collboration partner, and you just have to figure out why. Is it their personality? Their game play style? Their set up? There are so many different reasons a person tunes in to watch a YouTuber, and if you can identify why someone watches your collaboration partners, you can pull in fans from their channel, too.

“There’s a reason these potential fans are

watching your collboration partner,

and you just have to figure out why.”

Now, you shouldn’t go changing yourself too much in order to please new fans, because then older fans may start to lose interest. Our suggestion is to keep it low-key – reference them occasionally, mention you watched one of their videos, something subtle to alert that YouTuber‘s fans that you pay attention to the same stuff they do. It will form a connection that will keep them coming back for your videos.


Legions of Lurkers

They hide in the shadows and barely come out in the light, but they love your content and are always watching. Maybe they’re shy and don’t want to get caught up in the whirlwind of YouTube comments and social media. Maybe they literally just watch videos and that’s all you’re gonna get out of them. They could stream your show from a tablet on their TV, so they don’t feel like commenting. Whatever the reason, lurkers are the silent majority who are always watching content. It’s hard to pull this group out from their collective shield, but if you can, the results can be awesome.

TGN Partners: The Value of Fans

You have to find their passion, and they will comment on it. For some, it’s being a grammar nazi. Make a spelling error in your description and they will comment. You can then thank them for the correction. Boom, pulled out of the shadows.

Some like talking about their favorite builds for certain characters. Ask them how they would build a certain character, and all of a sudden you’ve got 20 people talking about different ways to be awesome. Boom, pulled out of the shadows.

You really just have to find the few subjects they can’t resist talking about and start chatting about them. Find the lurkers that, all of a sudden, are talking more than usual, and start turning them into Potential MVPs!


Giveaway Gains

Every channel runs a giveaway or promotion at some point or another, and while the “like” and subscriber gain is awesome and inspiring, oftentimes giveaway numbers are just fluff. These fans are not here for your content, they are here for your free stuff and they’re not going to contribute comments, “likes”, or subs unless instructed to for the giveaway. How do you get these “fans” to stick around and become lifetime subbers?

TGN Partners: The Value of Fans
…but free stuff!


Honestly, there’s no fool-proof way. Some of the fans you get from giveaways are just gonna be there for the giveaways forever. Their life is the giveaways; there are Twitter accounts dedicated to RTing giveaways to join and that’s it. But some, if you’ve got the right content, will stick around and watch your videos. Our best recommendation is to keep giveaways as channel-specific as you can. An example would be if you ran a Heroes of the Storm channel and were giving away a Call of Duty: Black Ops game. While you’ll pull in fans for the giveaway – the guys there for CoD aren’t gonna stick around and watch your Heroes of the Storm content. So, yeah, try to keep things in the same bubble.

“Our best recommendation

is to keep giveaways as

channel-specific as you can”

Send in the Trolls

Literally every channel in the world has trolls of some variety. Trolls can be difficult to deal with because they come in so many flavors. The most common remedy we have found is to troll them back, actually. No, we’re not making this up. Don’t let them get you riled up and laugh at their trolling. Rate them 6.5/10 for some ridiculous reason.

TGN Partners: The Value of Fans


We have found that more often then not, calling them out and laughing at their troll can either cause them to leave and not bother you again, or actually SUBSCRIBE AND KEEP HANGING OUT! Seriously, we can’t even tell you how many times we’ve messed around with a troll, we all had a good laugh, and then they keep chilling in the channel being nice and productive. It’s kind of crazy, but it totally works.

Now, obviously, sometimes the troll is straight up malicious. It’s up to you to make the judgement call on what to do. We always recommend just muting/banning instead of engaging if the troll is cruel or malicious. We enjoy funny trolls here.


Spammers & Harassers aka. Notorious D.I.C.K.S.

Seriously? We need to have a section for this? Just ban’em. Same goes for legit harassment. Report that shiz.


Growing your channel through word of mouth is an important aspect of having a YouTube presence. The more your fans talk about you, the more fans you accumulate. Pay attention to the growth of your fans, be sure to acknowledge the right ones, and your channel will continue to grow with a health, happy community at it’s core.