TGN Focus – Using the Tent-Pole for More YouTube Views

You’ve probably heard the term “Tent-Pole” tossed around a few times with relation to your YouTube programming, but a lot of us have no idea what the odd term actually means and how it helps you get more subscribers and views on your YouTube channel.  Before I offer up some hints and tips about how to use this content strategy for your videos, let’s take a look at where the idea comes from.  No, it’s not about camping…

What is Tent-Pole Programming?

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, did you notice an influx of romantic movies making their way into theatres throughout the past couple weeks?  This, my friends, is an example of Tent-Pole programming, and it’s a great way to boost some views for your channel if you’re able to latch on to various cultural phenomena like holidays, events like the Olympics, or even big game releases.

“Tent-Pole programming is essentially latching on to an

event that will generate a large amount of search…”

As gamers, we’re obviously going to focus on big game releases as I’ve mentioned before.  Tent-Pole programming is essentially latching on to an event that will generate a large amount of search, and capitalizing off of that popularity.  As I said before, it’s like the “Bandwagon Effect.”  If you know that a massive game is about to be released, do your best to get into the beta so you can capitalize off of the pre-launch excitement.  When you’re planning your December content, maybe do a video explaining your top 5 gamer gifts for the holidays.

Keywords Are… Well… The Key

A huge part of latching onto a Tent-Pole strategy is capitalizing off of your search terms.  This means optimizing your keywords, making your thumbnails more appealing to your searchers, and making those titles as drool-worthy as possible.  VISO Catalyst is definitely the tool to use here if you have access to it, but for you folks who don’t, it’s a matter of figuring out what search terms people are using when they try to find content on your Tent-Pole item.  Be sure to also specify in your keywords what kind of content about the game you’re showcasing; if it’s about the Diablo III expansion for example, using “Crusader” and “Act I” in your keywords might generate better results than simply “Diablo III” because it’ll help you stand out.  I know that I personally searched up that content this week and found very little.  That niche could be yours!

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