TGN Focus: Packing Lightly – Why Your YouTube Channel is a Suitcase

Forget all the zippers and the pockets.  Leave behind all the physical connotations of what a suitcase means to you.  Let’s get deep down into something a little more philosophical… metaphor.  Bear with me, I promise that this will be a good read and not a lesson from English 101!

I’ve said it before, as YouTube content creators we’re all entrepreneurs first and entertainers second.  It’s an odd concept to think about for many of us, but ‘entrepreneurship’ has been irreversibly expanded to include us in the online video industry.  We’re the new breed, and more importantly, we’re all international by the nature of what we do.  Brush that dirt off your shoulder, ladies and gentlemen; you’re all industry leaders.

“The mobile mogul is nothing without that all-important

portfolio of first impressions.”

So, What Do You Need As a Global Entrepreneur?

When I think of what an entrepreneur looks like, the first thing that comes to mind is a suit of some kind.  Nothing super fancy, but something presentable – because who knows when you’re going to meet your next big client, right?  And for global entrepreneurs, I always imagine that they are living out of a suitcase.  The mobile mogul is nothing without that all-important ‘portfolio of first impressions.’

Chock full of carefully crafted trust-building ensembles, your suitcase is your greatest asset to building positive business relationships and piecing together a strategic image.

“You’ve got a reputation to uphold after all, and maintaining an image that best represents who you are is a valuable practice to consider…”

Now Shift That Suitcase Perspective to Your Channel

You’ve packed all your first impressions into one place, carefully folded into videos and playlists that will keep your clients (viewers) interested.  I suggest you ask yourself, is there anything in your suitcase (on your channel) that doesn’t represent the entrepreneurial YouTuber identity that you would like to build?  If you have a tweed blazer amongst Armani suits, it might be time to think about removing that impression from your next trip if it doesn’t fit.  There’s only so much space in your carry-on for personality.

You’ve got a reputation to uphold after all, and maintaining an image that best represents who you are (or who you want to be) is a valuable practice to consider in building your entrepreneurial YouTube success.  I always used to groan when I was starting my career in editing and my dad told me to “dress for the position I wanted, not for the position I had.”  But his droning commentary explained that a successful appearance often comes well before the success itself.

I don’t mean that you should go purging anything from your channel, but maybe it’s time to reconsider some of your YouTube series that aren’t going so well.  Be conscious about how your shows are performing.  Look at the commentary.  Maybe your viewership likes the “tweed suit jacket” of YouTube content, who knows!?  However you present yourself, just be sure to make it legitimate.  Make it true.  Heck, if the tweed fits, wear it!

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