TGN Focus – How to Market Your YouTube Channel: Razzle Dazzle and Hocus Pocus

Alright, so the last couple of weeks I got sidetracked into copyright discussion due to a few reader-requests, but I’d like to get back onto the subject of marketing.  Many of us see marketing as the ‘magic’ behind a business that makes it appear out of nowhere.  For anyone who’s seen “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” think of marketing as a battle of competing acts in Las Vegas. Ultimately, your content may be better, but getting the highest viewership entails big appeals to your audience and everything they stand for.  Shock them if you have to, but get them watching!

So what does marketing look like for a YouTube channel?  I have two words for you…

Social.  Media.

Social media platforms do everything that we want as we market our channels:

  1. They allow you to provide news outside of your YouTube channel, and prompt your biggest fans when big stuff’s happening.  Think Twitter here.
  2. They serve as a place for your audience to engage with you and with each other.
  3. You can do cool campaigns that will generate chatter elsewhere online and offline.
  4. If you’re willing to put some money into it, you can even put ads up.
  5. Finally, you can get involved on other people’s pages to appeal to a wider demographic.

“Remember what kind of identity your brand has, and stick

to it as you reach out to your potential audience.”

A big word of caution: I don’t recommend jumping onto other people’s Facebook pages promoting your channel.  That kind of thing is just irritating and might end up hurting your reputation.  Instead, I try to engage on their pages genuinely – talk about their content and relate with something that might be appealing like my careful opinions on a particular aspect of the game they’re playing.  Worst comes to worst, a little humour when commenting is never a bad thing (trolling aside).

The basic rule of thumb is to use your branding knowledge as a guide for your marketing and engagement efforts.  Remember what kind of identity your brand has, and stick to it as you reach out to your potential audience.  The ultimate success in my mind is getting people to talk about me when they’re offline or share their favourite video with a friend as they talk over their headsets in queue for a battleground.  The old word-of-mouth marketing that you’ve probably heard so much about.

It’s very tempting to go extremely in-depth with online video marketing, but it would take years of articles to hit all the main points.  For the sake of ease, I really recommend visiting ReelSEO to cover any real in-depth questions you might have.  Otherwise, stay tuned for my topics as we go along!

Remember, with some strategic marketing, some tenacity and a little bit of luck, your target audience will be jumping all over your content.

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