TGN Focus: Give Your YouTube Content That Special Something

People often ask me what I think is the most important mindset when running a YouTube channel, and I always answer the same thing: get excited about what you’re doing!  When you’re excited about your content, your audience is able to feed off of your enthusiasm which adds a whole new edge to the entertainment value of your video.  You don’t need to act like a 13 year old girl at a One Direction concert, but a little creative energy can go a long way…

“Get excited and your viewers will too!”

But How Do You Keep The Excitement Rolling?

Try new things!  Whether it’s a new game, a new technique in your video editing, a new style of content, or heck, a new shirt that you’re stoked about, let that excitement shine.  You can even outright say, “I’m super stoked about _____” if it makes sense in your content.  A line like this helps you relate with your viewers more directly, and if you back up the excitement with some commentary or calls for engagement, you’re going to get a lot more out of your excitement than you might think.

Let’s put it into a scenario, shall we?

You’re excited about the release of Heroes of The Storm, and a new news item pops up that brought your excitement level from 100 to over 9000.  You’re about to film a Let’s Play about your current favourite MOBA, and you decide to interject during your commentary with the big news, just as an aside.

“Oh by the way guys, I heard that Heroes of The Storm just added ________ to the game at launch, and I’ve got the jitters just thinking about what that might mean for the game.  But I think it might have an effect on the balance between tanks and assassins, what do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments below…”.

Here, you don’t only have excitement, but you’re also asking your viewers to get engaged on your content.  If you throw some HoTS keywords into your metadata (or even your title) about covering this announcement, you might even get yourself a few more views assuming it’s a highly searched item.

Excitement tends to come with big news, so tackle it when you can and get your feet wet with new things.  Get excited, and your viewers will too!

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