TGN Focus – Driving Your YouTube Views With Tech

As a content creator, you’re no stranger to technology and the way that the right solution can improve your experience with pretty much anything these days.  Whether it’s a mod for your favourite game, an app that makes it easy to check out top builds for your Diablo 3 class of choice, or a mic that captures your voice without all the background noise, you’ve got a tool for pretty much everything.  But what about YouTube?  This week, I’d like to dive a little deeper into VISO Catalyst and why it’s useful for us Gamers specifically.

“Once you’ve shown up in that search, you have to draw people in to click on your video instead of someone else’s.”

Getting Found + Higher Clickability = Profit

Keywords and thumbnails aren’t necessarily tough concepts, but they can be difficult to master.  Keywords are the key to popping up in searches, and VISO Catalyst makes it so you don’t have to master them to be successful – it makes recommendations for you based on your content and makes it easy to whitelist terms that you want to apply to all of your videos. The platform also helps you optimize your title to show up in more searches, and that’s half the battle.

What’s the other half?  Once you’ve shown up in that search, you have to draw people in to click on your video instead of someone else’s.  This is where thumbnails come in, and VISO Catalyst’s got you covered.  If you have an image you’d like to use, you can upload it right from the platform.  But here’s the real beauty, VISO Catalyst automatically finds engaging frames in your videos and offers 5 options for you to choose from – better still, you can edit that image right from the interface and use it as your thumbnail.  There are endless possibilities here, and the tool is free to use with TGN partnership.

Making Decisions With All the Right Information

Analytics can be tough to go through on your channel, but Big Picture is geared to make it easy to quickly gather information about your channel and use it to make valuable decisions about your next move.  Paired with the digestible analytics are insights that help you improve your channel, boost your views and grow your audience.  Acting on those insights usually involves just a click or two, and you’re off to the races climbing your way through the ranks and raking in the revenue along the way.

Next week, we’ll go more in-depth with VISO Catalyst’s engagement solutions and more.  Stay tuned!

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