The TG-1000 Has Landed!

For those of you that were under some sort of giant rock last weekend, TGN took an epic trip to PAX East 2015!  We drank, we gamed, and we annihilated amazing cosplayers and partners with our newest addition to the TGN office, the TG-1000.  What the heck is a TG-1000? Why it’s a machine made of hardcore gamer sweat and pure awesomesauce – and it was parading around PAX East, ready to hang out with excited fans.

Day One – The Robot has Landed!

Well the first thing a robot has to do is register for PAX East…

 The TG 1000 Has Landed!

…then fight some Jedi and Sith along the way to the expo floor.

The TG 1000 Has Landed!

Hello, your highness! You look lovely today! The TG 1000 Has Landed!

The TG 1000 Has Landed!

Too big for the floor! The TG 1000 Has Landed! Oh well, let’s end our day at the TGN Partner Party!

The TG 1000 Has Landed!

Well that was an eventful first day!  PAX East was a metric ton of fun for the TG-1000, but we won’t show you everything here! Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for even more robot shenanigans at PAX East, including an epic fight with Iron man and a mega-man style punch for a random convention goer.  See you around TG-1000!

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