Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Video Game

Superheroes, in just about every facet of the media, have experienced a recent surge in popularity. This surge is allowing a wider audience to experience a vaster sample of these comic book creations in greater detail than ever before. The spotlight can only expand out so far, though, and some superheroes are missed. This is why we’re going over the top ten superheroes who deserve their own video game.

These are a few heroes that may never be seen brushing shoulders with the more popular heroes on the silver screen, but they’re definitely interesting enough in their own right to be one of the superheroes who deserve their own video game. We stress that, for the sake of this top ten superheroes who deserve their own video game list, only named mainstream console titles dedicated to that hero specifically count.

That means features as playable characters in other games and even handheld releases are out the window – only the best for our would-be Justice League.


Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Video Game


10. Moon Knight

With his caped and hooded visage, plethora of themed equipment, and even a vehicle named after himself (the Mooncopter), the Moon Knight seems a little reminiscent of a certain Dark Knight. Scratching just under the surface though, you can see the character that sets him apart; he somehow manages to be even crazier than the Caped Crusader due to being troubled with multiple personality disorders and serious psychological instability.

How these various mental health issues affect him, alongside the cyclical nature of his powers that function in tandem with the moon’s lunar cycles. Having generally sadistic methods in crime-fighting could make for some seriously interesting gameplay elements if not very disturbingly graphic ones.


9. Martian Manhunter

Superman once claimed that of all the beings in the Universe that he was afraid to face in open combat, J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, is his most feared.

With strength, speed, and durability that rival the best of them. As well as a slew of other powers such as intangibility, telekinesis, telepathy, and invisibility amongst much more. The Manhunter is a veritable smorgasbord of powers that seems just too fun in its excessive nature to pass up. This, no doubt, makes him one of the better superheroes who deserve their own video game. Just keep him away from the fireplace or he might freak out.


8. Plastic Man

With enough wisecracks to put Peter Parker to shame, Plastic Man was an unexpected member of the Justice League; unexpected considering the more comical nature of his character up to that point. Nevertheless, Plastic Man thrived with a manner of stretchy and rubbery crime-fighting. So it stands to reason he’d likewise thrive as one of the superheroes who deserve their own video game.

His jovial personality coupled with the particular bevy of powers he boasts thanks to his unique molecular nature would create a quipping, stretchy hero that kept us enthralled both with his personal development as well as the gameplay.


7. Zatanna

She’s one of DC’s foremost magical powerhouses, and one who enjoys arguably the firmest entrenchment in the hearts of fans. Thanks to her regular partnerships with Batman, and legendary lineage in the form of her father, Zatanna has never quite gotten her dues from the company that created her.

For all the interest her character holds for many fans, she didn’t even find herself in the original line-up of the Injustice fighting games, even though she herself is easily one of the best superheroes who deserve their own video game. A method of spell casting by stating her intentions in reverse would no doubt be a unique method of gameplay, to go alongside this mystical minx. If all else failed, it’d be easy to shoehorn a Batman cameo, right?


6. Booster Gold

One of the most ignoble heroes ever to come out of DC comic books. Booster Gold’s career of super heroism started when he pilfered technology from the future and traveled back in time with the intent of using his newly found powers to amass himself fame, fortune, and a corporate empire. It’s safe to say Booster isn’t exactly a moral crusader, and a very good candidate for one of the superheroes who deserve their own video game.

This self-absorbed character is usually the focal point of some particularly interesting story arcs, as he is forced to weigh up his vapid and materialistic nature against the ideals of his ill-gotten super-heroism. Combining this unique figure that meshes so well, and humorously, with some of the more deadly serious in the DC Universe into video games seems like a great idea. It would provide action-packed crime-fighting across vastly different timelines, and all this is without mentioning his lovable robot sidekick, Skeets.


5. Green Arrow

The main character in his own hit TV show, “Arrow”, and one of the stalwarts of the DC Universe even before that, it seems only a matter of time before a Green Arrow game comes knocking and frankly, it’s about damn time.

The Emerald Archer has put in years of backbreaking labour as one of DC’s time tested icons and garnered himself a recognizable gallery of villains such as Merlyn, Slingshot, and the Clock King. All primed and ready to be taken to the big time and given more exposure in the eyes of fans as one of the best superheroes who deserve their own video game.

A Green Arrow game would likewise provide the developers behind it an opportunity to spice up the superhero games genre, from the usual third-person fighter to a potential first-person shooter format. With all these reasons and more we’d love to see Star City’s protector get his long due love letter as one of the better options of the superheroes who deserve their own video game.


4. Wonder Woman

Speaking of deserving it, the only heroine we can think of that is one of the more amazing superheroes who deserve their own video game, even more than Arrow, is Wonder Woman.

A member of the Holy Trinity, comprised of her fellows Batman and Superman, a Wonder Woman game seems tantalizing on every conceivable level. The superpowered skill set is there with martial prowess to rival the best of them and raw power to back it up – meaning we’d get to see some Arkham-esque combat on a more ground shaking level.

Her foes are more infamous than most which creates an excellent environment for any of the superheroes who deserve their own video game. With a backstory as an Amazonian warrior princess, her tale provides a tropical landscape, ripe with gorgeous scenery and likewise picture perfect storytelling opportunities.

For all intents and purposes Wonder Woman deserves a video game just as much as we do. Just don’t let her take her bracers off. Forget the Hulk; you really, really will not like her when she’s angry.


3. Doctor Fate

A massive array of magical powers, an almost absurd abundance of eight various secret identities to suit any situation, and boasting one of the coolest looks in comics if we do say so ourselves, Doctor Fate easily makes this superheroes who deserve their own video game top ten list.

That iconic golden helmet is hard to top with all the ridiculously over-the-top feats Fate has pulled off over the years, only a video game could truly do it justice. All without mentioning Doctor Fate was, at one point, one of the most obnoxiously powerful figures in comic books capable of splitting planets in two, like frail eggs. Considering he’s the hero, just wait until you see his villains.


2. Professor X

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Professor X has featured in well over his share of video games, sadly he’s only ever been the ever-present voice of reason or sound strategic advice, emanating from a comm channel or walkie-talkie. What is the reason for this travesty? Is it because he has no functioning legs? Well probably, but we think that would just make a potential game modeled after him all-the-more unique.

Designers could pay homage to the gimmick of making his wheelchair a bad-ass off-roader with limited flight capabilities and on-board weaponry, or just keep it a mode of humble transportation and confining the game to being purely a puzzle solver. However they do it, it’s about time the spotlight was shunted over to one of Marvel’s true workhorses.


1. Deathstroke the Terminator

The cruel irony that swirls around Deathstroke is that, while he hasn’t yet laid claim to his own feature title, the character created after him meant to be a satirical joke (Deadpool) has. This is why he’s our number one on this superheroes who deserve their own video game list.

We’re not hating on Deadpool but if you ask us that’s an injustice of the highest order. The merc with a mouth may be literally unkillable, but Deathstroke himself is a character more than three decades old. One of DC’s most popular, and a match for just about anyone on an intellectually keen level.

Think the Arkham games but grittier, shootier, angrier and with a drier wit. Bouncing from target to target, forgoing non-lethal methods in the pursuit of cutting anyone in your way to ribbons, and opening a gruesome path to your target in both first and third-person elements.

The ever steady goal of cementing yourself as the world’s greatest assassin and antagonizing Nightwing remaining in your twisted mind. From battling wits with some of DC’s greatest Heroes, to trying to shoot them in the face. If you don’t want a Deathstroke title by now you’re as nutty as anyone who would get in his way.

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As mentioned at the start of this video, the uncanny archive of characters amassed by comic book creators is much larger than this superheroes who deserve their own video game article can cover. We no doubt missed out on a couple of your favourite undervalued superheroes who deserve their own video game.

Let us know all about your list of superheroes who deserve their own video game in the comments section below and why you feel they’re worth a bigscreen bout of fame. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time, gamers!