Star Wars Battlefront Facts: Know Before You Buy

Globku’s got ten Star Wars Battlefront facts you should know.

There are a lot of Star Wars Battlefront facts, and well as controversy, and mixed feelings towards the upcoming game. As such, we’ve decided to address most of the issues people seem to have with this game.

We’re bringing you ten Star Wars Battlefront facts you should know before buying Battlefront. Some are good, some are bad, but I’m gonna try to stay neutral and just give you the straight Star Wars Battlefront facts.


Star Wars Battlefront Facts: Know Before You Buy


10. No Campaign

To start things this Star Wars Battlefront facts list off, this is a full priced AAA game, with the standard price of $60. What’s not so standard is the fact that it has no campaign. When buying a full priced game, even if its main focus is multiplayer, players expect a campaign of sorts. Call of Duty is a really good example.

Even though most of the playerbase never completes the campaign, they still make them. Heck, even if everyone talks trash about the current games campaigns, they were good at some point. It is a very bold move to launch a fully priced game without any sort of story experience. Anyway, if you buy Battlefront, do it knowing that no campaign awaits you.


9. Tons Of Modes

What does await you are a ton of multiplayer game modes, nine of them to be precise. We actually just launched an article detailing all of them, so be sure to click the link if you’d like to learn more about it. These range from large scale 40 player battles with vehicles and heroes on the battlefield, to smaller 8 player game modes.

There will also be missions, that can be played solo or cooperatively with a friend against enemy AI. All in all, Star Wars Battlefront has 12 total game modes, if you count all the multiplayer and missions. Plus the tutorial but no one counts that, come on.


8. Adaptable Maps (Size/Setting)

This large amount of game modes is possibly what makes EA and DICE confident about their pricetag. There will be a lot to do, but the community is not happy with the fact that all these modes can only be played in 4 different maps, though we do have to come out in defense of EA and DICE here, because calling it 4 maps is a bit reductive.

There are in fact four different settings and locations. There is Sullust, Endor, Hoth and Tatooine. Now within these four locations, there will exist different maps. Take a large scale game mode like Supremacy on Hoth. You’ll be playing in a large scale area. But if you play Blast, a smaller scale game mode on Hoth as well, the environment will look similar, but the map will be completely different.

I’m not talking about a smaller area of the large scale Hoth map, I’m talking about a completely different Hoth map tailored for smaller scale game modes. According to Star Wars Battlefront facts, this game will technically have 12 different maps, which we don’t think is an impressive number by any means, but don’t believe anyone who tells you it only has four.


7. Season Pass

All of this that was mentioned comes with the base game, but we’re sure you’ve heard the noises about an overpriced Season Pass that’s also on sale. These are some Star Wars Battlefront facts about it. The season pass costs $50 and will grant you access to 4 upcoming DLC packs for the game.

These 4 DLC packs will include the following: 4 new heroes and villains; 16 multiplayer maps, more than the base game even has; 4 new game modes; and some weapons and perks for your loadouts. This does not include the upcoming DLC entitled Battle Jakku. This one will be free for everyone, which will include 2 new maps in a new planet and what we assume is a Battle Scenario with some narrative.

This Season Pass includes almost as much as the base game. It definitely has more maps. It doesn’t have nearly as many game modes. And regarding playable heroes, it’s pretty close in number. This explains the high pricing on this thing. If you look at what you’re getting with the package, it certainly looks justified. But it will inevitably harm the game.

We’re not even talking about principles, or about deliberately locking things out of your main game. We’re talking about splitting your user base. With new maps and new game modes, you’ll be splitting your community between people who own the DLC and those who don’t.

With such a high price, we guess that not a lot of people will be buying it. Ultimately leading to the downfall for a multiplayer focused game. We have a lot of negative feelings towards this, but we did say we’ll remain neutral, so we’ll leave it at that.


6. No Space Battles

Something that struck us as odd, was the that one of our Star Wars Battlefront facts is that there are no Space Battles. Fans of the Battlefront franchise were very disappointed by this. Looking at the game with the large scale maps and ground troops and spaceships flying all over the place, we can’t really see why there isn’t a space station map. If that’s one of the 16 locked behind DLC, oh man, people are gonna be pissed.


5. Custom Loadouts

Next up, we’re gonna talk about a bunch of game mechanics. Some of these might be obvious for Battlefront players, but for people who enjoy other first person shooters, there’s some stuff that Battlefront does very different to those games.

First let’s talk about your custom loadout. You can pick 2 items to place on your left and right slot. There’s quite an array of items to pick from. We personally haven’t seen many of them, Having played the beta, we can tell you this is where the Jetpack or the grenades will go, and there will be different types of grenades. Depending on whether you’re trying to kill troops or vehicles, so you could specialize your loadout in a way.


4. Star Cards

On the top slot you can use cards. Now don’t be alarmed, these aren’t the FIFA Ultimate Team kind of cards that are spreading like a virus into games like Halo and Rise of the Tomb Raider. You don’t need to open packs to unlock these. You use the in-game currency to buy them, just like the jetpack or the grenades we mentioned earlier.

The difference is, these are power ups that are consumed upon use. In the beta, there were only two types of cards: a personal shield and a buff to your weapon. You can buy as many of these cards as you want, and you’ll take them all to battle. Just know that you’ll be spending a card every time you use them


3. Power Ups

The bottom slot isn’t something customizable on your loadout. The bottom slot is reserved for power ups that you find during matches. Sentry guns, turrets, proximity bombs and even vehicles are picked up this way. This is where we lost most of you Battlefield players, right? Well it’s true.

You don’t walk up to an X-Wing and hit a button to get in, then take off like in a classic Battlefield game. You find an X-Wing power up, activate it, and you’ll just spawn in the air immediately, that’s how it works.

The same thing happens when you want to become a Hero or a Villain in the large scale game modes. Find the Hero pickup, activate it, and you’ll spawn as Vader or Luke or any of the other available characters.


2. Buddy System

Also very important to note is the buddy system. In Battlefront, you can put together a party of multiple players. But you’ll have to choose one of those players to be your buddy. There are several advantages to having a buddy. First of all, when you die you can simply respawn on him. This can be particularly useful in large scale maps, since you’ll probably spawn closer to the action than you normally would.

You can also at any point, pick your buddy’s loadout as your own. Between deaths, you can quickly switch to your buddy’s loadout, and he can do the same with yours. So it’s useful to coordinate and take different abilities on your loadouts. If you don’t have a buddy before going into a battle, the game will automatically match you with someone, but then you can’t really coordinate loadouts, can you?


1. Companion App

Finally, we’re here to inform you that there’s a companion app for Battlefront. Although we can’t find it on Google Play, so we’re not sure how good it is. According to the website, it has some utility stuff. You can track your progress, customize your loadout and play a mini-game called Base Command that gives you in game credits. That’s right, you could be getting credits right now. You only need to find the stupid app!

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Those were ten Star Wars Battlefront facts. Now that we’re this close to release, are you buying it? Did the Season Pass turn you off? Or was it the type of content being introduced in this Battlefront series. Let us know your opinions in the comments below. Be sure to head over to TGN’s Youtube channel and subscribe for more content!