Roadhog: Overwatch’s New Hero Announced

Blizzard has dropped two new Overwatch characters on us, and we’re going to cover both of them right here, on TGN Central. The second character we’re covering looks an awful lot like Stitches, but who are we to criticize, and his name is Roadhog.

President of the Nexus, Awall, is here to tell us all about this new character’s backstory, as well as go over the moveset this guy’s packing. Strap in, gamers, we’re going for a ride with Roadhog.


Roadhog: Overwatch’s New Hero Announced


Get To Know Your Roadhog

Mako Rutledge, or as he’s been deemed, Roadhog, was not always the gigantic, fearsome visage you see before you. He grew up in Australia and, when the omnium’s (we still don’t know what omniums are) fusion core exploded, his family was displaced. He watched, helpless, as his home nation succumbed to the nuclear fallout and became an irradiated deathzone.

This pushed Roadhog to become the ruthless killer presented in Overwatch, and team up with the previously covered character, Junkrat. These two are now on a burning, bombing, and burgling spree, and there seems to be no end in sight, unless some heroes step up and stop them.

Roadhog is primarily a tank-style character, so he’s meant to take a beating while the other characters are taking care of business. He’s got some interesting moves that complement the other recently released character, Junkrat. We’re fairly certain you will see this duo running around together on the battlefield.


Roadhog’s Sends Shrapnel Everywhere

This reckless character has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, and most of them include hurling shrapnel at the opposing team.

Scrap Gun: This is your general left click and right click attack. On a left click, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun fires short-range blasts of shrapnel with a wide spread. On a right click, it can launch a shrapnel ball that detonates farther away, scattering metal fragments from the point of impact.

Chain Hook: Using your shift button will trigger this move. Roadhog hurls his hooked chain at a target and if it catches, he yanks them into close range. This should be combo with your left and right clicks for max damage.

Take a Breather: Your “E” button will cause Roadhog to pull out some sort of inhaler thingy and jam it into his mask. He’ll restore a chunk of his health over a brief period of time during this move.

Whole Hog: This is your ultimate ability. After you press “Q” to have Roadhog cram a top-loader onto his Scrap Gun, he pours in ammo. While this is active, he can crank out a stream of shrapnel that knocks back enemies.

You’ll definitely want to play this character aggressively, almost to the point of recklessness, due to the sheer amount of disruption Roadhog can cause.

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We think Roadhog is going to be an extremely disruptive character, creating tons of distractions while the damage dealers pick off his targets. We also see quite a bit of synergy with Roadhog, but only time will tell. Are you excited about this brand new Overwatch character, or does Roadhog seem like too much for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one, gamers.