Pokemon Games: A TGN Top 10

The traditional Pokemon games have a popularity that spans the entire world, with an adventure that set you on a Pokedex-filling, badge-grabbing journey throughout the Kanto region. This is the adventure game that everyone thinks of when you talk about Pokemon games. You’d be forgiven for under-rating some of the other gems the franchise has given us over the years but, never forget that there are a plethora of amazing Pokemon games to be enjoyed.

These following titles differ greatly in their genres, stories, settings and even their takes on Pokemon, but they’re all tied together by the inclusion of everyone’s favorite endearing critters. Let’s get started on our list of the top 10 Pokemon games!


Top 10: Pokemon Games



10. Pokemon Colliseum

Given Espeon and Umbreon as your starters, as if that wasn’t awesome enough to sell it to you already, you’re set on a journey throughout Orre, a desert region barren of wild Pokemon. So where do you get new members of your team?

That’s where things get interesting. Breaking one of Pokemon‘s unwritten rules, you snag “Shadow Pokemon” right from under the noses of rival trainers. Throw in disco-themed crime bosses with huge afros and you have yourself a Gamecube classic.

9. Pokemon Ranger

The Pokemon Ranger games put you in the boots of a budding young ranger attempting to save their region. So, what makes the Pokemon Ranger games unique? Unlike the main titles, you have no steady Pokemon team; only your trusty starter stays beside you. The rest of your companions are temporarily procured on the field in an intuitive mini-game wherein you quickly loop around them with your stylus.

This unique way of capturing Pokemon, alongside a fresh take on a beloved fantasy world, are what ushered the Pokemon Ranger games right into fans’ hearts.

8. Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness

Revolving around the same “Shadow Pokemon” as Pokemon Coliseum, and acting as somewhat of a follow-up, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness spices up the traditional formula even more by giving Shadow Pokemon their own entirely unique move-sets.

Introducing a purification system, and revolving around a daunting Shadow Lugia supposedly immune to purification, the player is sent on another shadow-snagging adventure throughout the desolate Orre region to oppose the villainous Cipher syndicate. As if all that weren’t enough, Miror. B, the afro-shaking, disco-dancing, crime-boss from Pokemon Coliseum makes a triumphant return!

7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Flipping the formula we’re used to, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon puts you in the shoes of the Pokemon instead of the trainer, albeit rather abruptly. You are transformed from a human trainer into a Pokemon! A classic rougelike game with turn-based combat and randomly generated dungeons, players expand their party with the Pokemon they find in these dungeons. With these trusty Pokemon by your side, you progress through the game’s story.

Giving a drastic new spin on Pokemon both in terms of gameplay and the anatomy of the main character, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are a massively successful spin-off series that have given us five games since 2005…and there’s a sixth on the way.

6. Pokemon Pinball

The ultimate proof that Pokemon games can be fun in absolutely any format imaginable. Yes, that even includes the unexpected confines of a whimsically designed pinball machine. This Pokemon game had players using a “catch mode” to capture Pokemon while playing, and it alternated between red and blue boards, each with their own separate gameplay elements. Pokemon Pinball was intricate enough to make actual pinball look like fun.

5. Pokemon X/Y

Pokemon X/Y was the generation responsible for the full realization of Pokemon games’ graphical potential. It took the series all the way into three-dimensional sweetness and it represented a landmark overhaul, complete with a new coat of paint, for the series. The innovations aren’t limited to the visuals, though, as four more directions were added that drastically improved player movement freedom and, of course, Pokemon Amie.

Amie brought with it a whole score of minigames alongside a playful Nintendogs-style mode that had you getting up close and personal with your team. Cap all of this off with widely customizable elements, and it’s clear to see that Gen 6 brought a world of change and set a lot of precedents.

4. Pokemon Stadium

Incontestably one of the most classic and memorable titles that graced the N64 and something that provided countless hours of fun. Pokemon Stadium has to be on this list or I’d have to turn in my Trainer card. From heated battles in the titular stadium format, to a whole host of fun mini-games including a hilarious Magikarp-splashing one that defined the term “stupid fun”, Pokemon Stadium is arguably the most iconic non-mainline Pokemon title ever.

3. Pokemon Snap

If you want a title that nails the Pokemon games’ wholesome atmosphere, then turn to Pokemon Snap. It’s like an adorable version of Fatal Frame. Players take on the role of Todd Snap as you venture out into varied and beautiful landscapes, where you take pictures of everything from shocking Voltorb to a very problematic Snorlax. Perhaps it was the inventive methods of achieving your goal that had gamers hooked, or how the photo-taking seemed especially lovable – even in a sugary franchise like Pokemon, but a lot of kids had trouble putting this one down.

2. Pokemon Yellow

You really didn’t expect anything but good, old-fashioned, Pokemon games to top the list, did you?

Pokemon Yellow is perched in the top spot of its generation for two main reasons. It was the first game that allowed your Pokemon partner to tag along behind you, which was an incredible thing to see in Pokemon games at the time, and you could hook it up to your N64 for that traditional Pokemon experience on the big screen. Ok, we actually also have a third reason: good ol’ nostalgia.

1. Pokemon Games Gold/Silver/Crystal

The second generation of Pokemon gave us something that we certainly don’t count for in today’s gaming market, but for its time it was huge – color! These Pokemon games has a brilliant spectrum of color and this gave way to even more changes. There was the allowance of a day/night cycle that even switched up some of the Pokemon you could encounter. This one little change kept trainers on their toes in ways Gen 1 never did.

Pokemon Crystal was also responsible for setting the trend of being able to play a female trainer, a tradition that held up and clearly isn’t going anywhere.

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As enchanting and darling as Pokemon games are, they can be a little divisive, just like every other subject discussed on the internet. Want to chat about our choices for the top Pokemon games? Hit us up in the comment below to let us know which Pokemon games are your favorite! Thanks for reading, and have a great day gamers.