Overwatch Heroes: TGN’s Top 5

Overwatch is Blizzard’s first new IP in twenty years. The development team that brought you Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft are known for their gameplay and iconic characters, and after three hours of gameplay at Blizzard HQ, TGN Squadron’s Awall has decided on his top 5 best Overwatch heroes.


Overwatch Heroes: TGN’s Top 5


5. Hanzo

An assassin from Japan, the wall climbing Hanzo plays a defensive role in Overwatch, using a bow and arrow (yes in a sci-fi setting). He has a variety of arrow types including sonic arrows, scatter arrows, and a super powerful ultimate ability in the form of Dragon Strike in which he fires two dragons which travel in a frontal cylindrical pattern that one hit kill anything they touch. Clearly one of the best Overwatch heroes, if only for his interesting style.


4. Soldier: 76

One of the more grounded, less over the top characters (read: “not crazy”) Soldier 76 has a pulse rifle with no recoil and the ability to sprint non-stop. He can heal his team and has a tactical visor that can be used to auto aim shots. Despite this initially seeming too easy, it’s actually very difficult to use. It’s best used for tight hallways due to the fact that most players can easily move out of the way of auto aim, making the Soldier particularly good for clearing out hallways and tight spaces. He’s earned his spot on this best Overwatch heroes list.


3. Bastion

The nature loving robot, Bastion does the most damage out of all these best Overwatch heroes in his configuration sentry, where he fires an automatic mini-gun while shielded. He can self repair and his ultimate is difficult to master, as you are using a remote controlled mine. Bastion is the centre of focus in the game because he’s so powerful; one of the most powerful offensive characters in the game, the other team will try to deal with him first.


2. Reinhardt

With a rocket hammer and energy shield that gives 2000 extra HP, Reinhardt is a tank with the ability to charge, so he’s very dangerous and deals out major damage. He’s able to knock opponents to the ground with a shock wave from his hammer slamming the floor and he attacks. Reinhardt controls the action, when his shield comes up he forces the position of the enemy team and protects your team. He is the ultimate defensive character, but also a lethal offensive character with his charge and power.


1. Reaper

Reaper is an offensive character with an unknown name and motivation, and we know very little about him other than he wants to fight. He has his wraith form where he turns into a death- like mist to get to places safely. His ability to shadow step lets him teleport to wherever you can see, it’s slow, as his style is in general, but he deals tons of damage, you need to be very skilled to work with him.

His slow play style and ability to teleport essentially mean you’ll have to use him as an assassin and attack from unseen angles to nullify the fact that he is fairly easy to kill. He’s clearly the best of the best when it comes to the best Overwatch heroes, so it’s going to take some skill to use him.

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We’re just getting started on Overwatch coverage, so if you want to know more about the best Overwatch heroes, as well as the best Overwatch strategies, you’ll want to keep an eye on TGN Central and our YouTube channel. If you have any thoughts on the best Overwatch heroes, let us know in the comments below – Lucio seems to be getting a lot of love recently, but we didn’t include him so I’m sure some of you have opinions on that.

Thanks for reading, gamers, and we’ll see you in the next one!