Overwatch Hero Winston: TGN Squadron Goes Bananas

TGN Squadron goes ape over the Overwatch hero Winston.

Blizzard has dropped the Overwatch beta on us, and TGN Squadron has been enjoying the heck out of it. They’ve logged as many hours as they can in the beta, but things can get a little silly when you are playing a game for so long. Enter Overwatch hero Winston.


Overwatch Hero Winston: TGN Squadron Goes Bananas


Get To Know Your Winston

Overwatch hero Winston is a gorilla, but he’s not just any gorilla. He’s an incredibly intelligent gorilla that was, originally, genetically engineered in order to test the effects of living for an extended time in space. He didn’t start off with the level of genius he has today, though.

He was part of a group of gorillas, and he was the gorilla who showed the most promise in brainpower. Dr. Harold Winston, a member of the team sent to the Lunar Colony (and for which the gorillas had been created), noticed this, and basically adopted him, teaching him all about the wonders of the world through science and ingenuity.

This happy time was brought to an end, quite abruptly, when the other gorillas at the Lunar Colony revolted, killing everyone else in the colony. While the violent gorillas named the colony theirs, Winston, who had since adopted the loved scientist’s name as his own, built a rudimentary rocket and fled back to Earth.

Once back on Earth, Overwatch discovered him and took him in. They promised him everything he wanted, including the ability to be a hero and do good for the world. Now, with the recent fall of Overwatch, his future has been thrown into turmoil.


Winston Balances Brains With Brawn

Overwatch hero Winston is a gorilla with a heart of gold, but that doesn’t keep him from going absolutely crazy and wercking everything in his path.

Tesla Cannon: Your gun shoots a short range burst of electricity, which lasts for as long as you hold the trigger.

Jump Pack: This is your jump move, but it also hurts enemies caught in the blast radius when you land.

Shield Projector: Keeps enemies out, but won’t trap your allies within. This shield covers your teammates for as long as it stands (enemies can destroy it), and you can return fire from it.

Primal Rage: This is your ultimate ability. You will go absolutely ham, boosting your health, defense, melee attacks, and frequency of Jump Pack availability. However, you cannot use any other moves besides Jump Pack and your melee attack.

 – – – – – – – -

While one Overwatch hero Winston sounds terrifying, six sounds hilarious. TGN Squadron gets their kicks for a match while everyone plays the Overwatch hero Winston, and they actually do a pretty good job. It’s pretty funny how the game yells at their team comp. Did you find this funny? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one, gamers.