New Overwatch Hero Lucio Revealed

Here’s a guy who can skate, heal and seriously drop a beat! It’s Blizzard’s new Overwatch hero Lucio!

Hello everyone, TGN recently had the pleasure of touring Blizzard Entertainment HQ alongside the TGN Squadron. We demoed Overwatch for over two hours with the game’s community, and the development teams taught us how to play. It was an incredible experience and we got to play a lot of different heroes. One of my favorites was the new Overwatch hero Lucio, which Blizzard is revealing at Gamescom.

Today we’re going to share with you our experience playing the new Overwatch hero Lucio and everything you need to know about Overwatch’s newest Brazilian support hero!


New Overwatch Hero Lucio Revealed


Overwatch – Blizzard’s New FPS

Overwatch is Blizzard’s upcoming first person shooter and their first new IP in nearly twenty years. Each hero in Overwatch has a unique style of play so that there is really something for everyone, even if you may not be prone to playing FPS games. With the ability to switch heroes during respawns you can not only quickly find which one suits you the best, but which one will give your team a strategic advantage as the match progresses.

It’s an interesting take on the classic first person shooter style, and like all Blizzard games, there will be a ton of different characters to choose from right at the start. The best part is that we have no idea who could possible turn up, because this is a completely new IP!


Meet The New Overwatch Hero Lucio

I had a blast playing the new Overwatch hero Lucio, as he is one of the most versatile and powerful support roles in Overwatch. Lucio hails from the streets of Brazil where his home town has been under the overbearing influence of the technology focused Vishkar corp. Lucio believes that it would be better if Vishkar left everything well alone, so he takes matters into his own hands, stealing some of Vishkar’s hard-light tech and using his own engineering abilities to re-purpose it into his battle gear.

He then uses this battle gear to sabotage the corporations plans, all while laying down killer beats. Though not a member of the now defunct Overwatch, if there were ever a reason to get the band back together, Lucio would likely be on the invite list. The new Overwatch hero Lucio functions as a support character by increasing your teams move speed and survivability, all while harassing the enemy team.


Lucio’s Set Of Moves

Sonic Amplifier: The main attack of the new Overwatch hero Lucio is on your left mouse button. This attack fires in four round bursts and is effective at medium to long range. It’s important to note though that the gaps in between your bursts do leave you slightly vulnerable to enemy advances.

Soundwave: This move it located on your right mouse button, and it creates a short burst that knocks nearby enemies away. You can use this to disengage, displace an enemy tank, or flat out knock an enemy off the edge of the map for an instant kill.

Crossfade: The new Overwatch hero Lucio is a very musical guy which is why he’s constantly playing one of two songs. He plays “The Rejuvenation” song, which is a song that offers a healing boost to you and your team, or the “We Move Together As One” song, which grants a speed boost aura to you and your allies. You can change between these two songs using your left shift button.

Each of these support auras has its own EDM soundtrack that actually plays in game. The heal boost aura has its obvious applications, but even more interesting is the movement speed aura. This speed aura has a drastic impact on the beginning of attack phases, team fight engagements, and disengagements, but most importantly, travelling to an objective on the map.

Until now, only Symmetra (of the Vishkar Corp) was able to help allies enter the fight more quickly with her teleporter ability. Now if you respawn as, or with, Lucio, you can get that much needed speed bonus to get back in the fray.

Amp It Up: Lucio’s E ability increases effectiveness of the current song you’re playing and, quite simply, makes your bonuses better. Want to move faster? Amp it up! Want more healing? Amp it up!

Wall Ride: The spacebar activates this move, which allows you to skate over walls, and jump from wall to wall on your badass futuristic roller blades. This can be very effective for navigating across hard to reach areas of the map and offers a high skill cap ability for experienced players.

Sound Barrier: Last, but certainly not least, Q is your ultimate ability. It creates a temporary, but powerful, shield around your allies. Big team fight to happen? Hit Q. Your team lives longer.

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Well there you have it, that’s a quick overview of the new Overwatch hero Lucio. Do you like him, or do you hate him? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one, gamers.