New Overwatch Hero Gameplay: Checking Out D. Va

D. Va is a brand new Overwatch hero!

With the launch of Blizzard’s beta test, we’re getting a great look into the world of Overwatch, and this new Overwatch hero, D. Va. So if you’re one of the unlucky few who has not received an invite yet, you can delve into these videos and articles and decide ahead of time which new Overwatch hero you want to play!


New Overwatch Hero Gameplay: Checking Out D. Va


The D’lightful D.Va

Also known as Hana Song, this 19 year old ex-professional gamer turned mech pilot means business. Using her pilot skills to control a state-of-the-art mech to defend her homeland.

Twenty years before the current events leading up to Overwatch, South Korea was attacked by an enormous omnic monster rising from the East China Sea. Obliterating a coastal city before being forced back into the waters. Not all bad came from the monsters arrival.

Coming from the minds of the South Korean government is an armored drone unit, named MEKA, to protect all citizens from any future threats and it did. Every few years a new attack would happen. Each encounter they would reconfigure, every attempt fell short, as the monster was only defeated and not destroyed.

Proving themselves with an ability to adapt, the omnic disrupted MEKA’s drone-control networks, forcing the use of real pilots. Their source? Professional gamers, whose reflexes and instincts would prove worthy to operate these advanced mechs.

D.Va was known widely as a fearsome competitor with a win at all costs attitude. Also reputed for showing no mercy to opponents. Viewing the current world situation as a video game, D.Va fearlessly charges into battle with her MEKA unit. Recently, she’s started to stream her combat ventures to fans, only to boost her popularity.


D.Va By Design

D.Va is listed as a tank, proving to be more than just a one trick pony as a new Overwatch hero. She has some nice defensive options which could be used offensively. With a little practice, her new Overwatch hero kit shows she could prove to be a great tank and double as a support.

Fusion Cannons – LMB / Left Click, which will be her basic attack. Equipped with dual short-range rotating cannons. If you love to spray and pray, D.Va has no need for reloading, as the only penalty is slowed movement while activated.

Defense Matrix – On D.Va’s “E”, places a barrier that blocks projectiles in front of you. Which will prove as a great utility tool, for both offensive and defensive pushes.

Boosters – Pressing shift propels you forward. She can turn and change directions or brute force her way through enemies, knocking them backwards.

Call Mech – [Ultimate] Her “Q” ability which can be chained into Self-Destruct. Calling down her MEKA unit.

Self-Destruct – [Ultimate] Also on “Q”, D.Va ejects from her mech suit. After a delay, it explodes into big numbers to all opponents around it.

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The new Overwatch hero D. Va looks like a good option for the multi-tasking player. She may benefit someone with high awareness proving as a great damage sponge. Or alternatively, as a good support by setting up a kill charging someone with shift who may be a little too far away from help. You could even sacrifice her Ultimate ability in a group to spread them out and pick your opponents off!

Are you excited for the release of each new Overwatch hero? Does the new Overwatch hero D.Va sound like the perfect role for you? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to stop by the Squadron channel for more Overwatch content. See you soon!