Need For Speed: All Aboard The Hypetrain

The latest installment of Need For Speed is on it’s way!

And TGN’s got the best reasons for everyone to be excited for this new game. Need For Speed is getting a fresh coat of paint, so we think this is game people should seriously be paying attention to. See if your reason for being hyped for Need For Speed is on our top five list!


Need For Speed: All Aboard The Hypetrain



5. Five Ways of Playing

The new Need For Speed will have you playing in a variety of ways as there are five different play styles, with five corresponding storylines that approach the game very distinctly. These play styles are:

Speed – for driving fast cars
Style – for drifting and pulling off stunts on the road
Build – customizing your perfect car
Crew – as you drive along with your buddies
Outlaw – evading police chases as best as you can.

While none of these are revolutionary in a Need For Speed game, the fact that they are separate storylines, means you can choose your play style and just stick with it for as long as you want. You can also try to combine them all in your own unique way, with your own unique ride.


4. FMV cut scenes

These five storylines come with FMV cut scenes, and I know this is a very weird reason to be excited for a Need For Speed game, but I’m just a fan of FMV in video games. Or more specifically, I’m a fan of bad FMV in video games. I think they create some of the most unintentionally funny material I’ve ever seen in gaming. EA is bringing people from the actual racing scene to be in their game.

These people are not actors, which is even better! This is gonna be so terrible that I’m gonna love every bit of it. I’m being honest here, I know I sound sarcastic, but I’m genuinely looking forward to some bad FMV cut scenes in this game. What can I say?


3. Visuals

You can’t deny that Need For Speed looks great though. Even with real people on the screen, the way they transition from a real cut scene to CGI is as flawless as it’s ever been. I mean, look at the cars. This is the actual car that you drive, if you have customized a different car, it would appear in this cut scene, and it would look just as good as this one does.

Believe me; I’ve seen it in action at Gamescom. Other than that, I think it has become an industry standard with racing games. They all look phenomenal, and Need For Speed is no exception.


2. Police AI

One very specific thing that I’m looking forward to is the Police AI in Need For Speed. They are a bigger presence than they’ve ever been. Unless you’re driving off in the mountains, where there aren’t as many  patrols, you’ll be actively on the lookout for these guys and they are on the lookout for you as well.

In many racing games, you can commit a number of infractions without triggering a police chase. This time around Police are clever at spotting said infractions. Drifting, going over the speed limit are a few of things Police will be on the lookout for, in addition to the already present destruction of public property and crashing into other vehicles.

When interviewed at Gamescom, the developers said they were still tweaking how much the police would be aware of. Things like crossing a red light or driving in the oncoming lane for instance were not things that would trigger a police chase as they still want you to have fun playing their game, but there will be consequences for reckless driving.

I’m really happy you can’t just do whatever you want as long as you don’t crash into anything and just get away with it. On top of that, if you’re not looking to trigger a long police chase as you’re approaching your objective, you can actually just pull over, pay a fine and move on with your life.


1. Customization

But try not to pay too many fines, as you might want to spend the money on your car. This time around customization is off the charts. It’s no surprise you’ll be able to tune your vehicle the way you want it to, but customization in Need For Speed is beyond anything I’ve seen before.

Let’s start with your looks. The usual bumpers, spoilers, exhaust pipes, rims, that’s all in. But then they take it a step further. Your headlights, your wheels, your fenders, your wind mirrors, your trunk lid, are all customizible and it is absolutely crazy. You can change your canards, which I didn’t even know was a word.

And if you don’t really mess with all that stuff, they have a bunch of preset body kits for you to choose from without having to go too deep into customization. After you’re done with the body, wrap editor lets you paint your car however you want. I mean painting specific parts of your car in different colours, applying stamps and decals which you can position, size, and rotate, layering ones on top of others, creating something really unique and crazy.

And that’s just the visuals. You can obviously buy performance parts to improve your ride, like the engine, the clutch, the suspension, well. You get the point. This is where Need For Speed was the least surprising because honestly, we’ve all seen this level of customization before. But that’s not a bad thing. They’ve been through before, and now they continue to be. It’s a good thing.

What’s brand new is the ability to tune how your car handles. Adjust the front tire pressure, the rear tire pressure, steer response, range, down force, all of which will make your car drift or grip more. If you don’t wanna fiddle with all these settings there’s an easy way to adjust things, with a slider at the top.

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So are you pumped for the latest Need For Speed yet? We know we are, but we want to know your reasons for being excited. Let us know in the comments below why you’re looking forward to Need For Speed. Thanks for reading, gamers, and we’ll see you next time.