Kharazim First Impressions – TGN Squadron

TGN Squadron members Hengest and MFPallytime are here to report on the latest and greatest news fresh out of the Nexus. Today, they’re here to talk about their Kharazim first impressions, the newest character to enter Heroes of the Storm‘s arena. This brand new melee support hero has just been released, along with a new map, Infernal Shrines, in Heroes of the Storm!

Enjoy your first look as MFPallytime and Hengest take you through the Public Test Realm and give you their take on the new hero and the new map.


Kharazim First Impressions – TGN Squadron


Kharazim First Impressions

Hengest is leading the charge with this character and is going to be our first-hand guide into the world of Kharazim. He’s only played one game before this video with bots, so he doesn’t fully understand this character yet, but that’s why this is a Kharazim first impressions video!

Kharazim is an auto-attack hero, and every third auto attack, he gets to trigger his trait. You select your trait at level 1, and this trait can be heals, mana regen, or extra damage. It also sets the pace for the rest of your hero build. Hengest has chosen the healing trait, so every third attack he heals himself for some damage. You can really see the healing kick in during the team fights, as the more he’s auto-attacking, the more he heals.

While Hengest focused quite a bit on the healing build for his Kharazim first impressions, he speculates quite a bit about other builds. Be sure to watch the whole video to see what he has to say about his Kharazim first impressions!


Testing Infernal Shrines

This map is interesting in that is is all about those last hits. For those of our fans who might not know what a last hit is, it means getting the killing blow on a minion, and reaping the rewards for that killing blow. This is especially prevalent in LoL because whoever gets the last hit, gets the gold for the minion. While it does not work this way in Heroes of the Storm, we see the return of the last hit mechanic in this new map.

Infernal Shrines has two shrines on the map, one for each team, and the shrines are charged with last hits. This makes this map a minion map, where the killing and last hitting on minions brings you closer to summoning your boss. When the shrines spawn, get 30 last hits, and you get your boss.

As we see when the bosses start getting summoned, they drop what can only be termed as massive damage spinners on the ground, so take care to avoid those around the boss. They also have very aggressive AI, as they get behind buildings and push opposing teams back.


Squadron’s Overall Impressions

MFPallytime and Hengest thoroughly enjoyed the new map, and Hengest sees quite the bright future for Kharazim. There are many different ways to play this character, so there will be many viable builds. This will require players to pay attention to the enemy hero composition, however, so our Kharazim first impressions are that this is a super situational character that can be adapted to several different types of parties.

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Thanks for watching our Kharazim first impressions, and our first impressions about the new Infernal Shrines map, brought to you by TGN Squadron’s MFPallytime and Hengest. Make sure to toss a subscribe to the TGN Squadron YouTube channel for more first-look coverage on everything Heroes of the Storm. We’ll see you next week, heroes!