Junkrat: Meet Overwatch’s Newest Hero

Blizzard has dropped two new Overwatch characters on us, and we’re going to cover both of them right here, on TGN Central. The first character we’re covering is named Junkrat. He’s as crazy as they come, and has a penchant for incendiary devices and blowing sh*t up.

We’re joined by the President of the Nexus, Awall, who’s here to tell us all about Junkrat’s backstory, as well as go over his moves. Grab your grenades, gamers, because things are about to get explosive.


Junkrat: Meet Overwatch’s Newest Hero



Junkrat’s Mysterious Past

Not much is know about Junkrat before the horrific events in Australia, when the omnium’s fusion core exploded and turned the continent into a burning wasteland. What is known is that after the crisis, Junkrat joined up with other survivors and started scraping together a living.

Through scavenging, and quite a bit of ingenuity, Junkrat survived in the lawless waste. He scrapped together what he could from the omnium husks and as time passed, so did his mind. The lingering radiation in the area made him, well…a bit more obsessed with blowing things up.

Junkrat was not doomed to obscurity, though, because while he was poking about in the ruined debris, he found something. He found something extremely important. And now he pays his “friend” Roadhog (whom we will cover in our next video) to keep him safe – in exchange for a 50/50 cut of the profits, of course.


Junkrat Has Incendiary Moves

Junkrat is an unpredictable character who excels at throwing scrap into the field and just causing all sorts of mayhem in combat. He has quite a few bombs available to him, and he can detonate them at any time.

Frag Launcher: This is your left click attack. Junkrat’s Frag Launcher lobs grenades a moderate distance. These grenades bounce around and rebound off of surfaces until they explode on contact with an enemy, or just explode.

Concussion Mine: This is a combo move where you press shift and right click to activate it. Junkrat can place concussion mines and trigger them whenever he pleases. He can use this ability to damage enemies and send them flying, or use them on himself and jump up to higher levels.

Steel Trap: This move is going to be activated with your “E” button. Junkrat tosses out a giant, metal-toothed trap. It works exactly like a bear trap, in that it immobilizes an enemy caught in it, and deals some damage.

RIP-Tire: This is your ultimate ability and is activated with the “Q” button. Junkrat sends a tire bomb careening around the arena, over any obstacle in it’s path and around corners. He can remotely detonate this tire bomb and deal massive damage to enemies around it, or he can just let it run its course and explode when the timer is up.

Total Mayhem: This is a passive ability, which means it just happens and you do not need to activate it. If Junkrat is killed, he drops an armful of live grenades, dealing damage to anyone near him when he dies.

As Awall says in the video, this hero is seriously going to focus around being a defensive buster. The RIP-Tire is pretty awesome in that he can just drive it up to any barricade and deal massive damage to the barricade…or just go over the barricade and kill enemies.

 – – – – – – – -

We think Junkrat is going to be an awesome defensive character, being able to really bunker-bust quite a bit of defense with his abilites. We also see quite a bit of team play with Roadhog, but we’ll have to see how that will work. Are you excited about this brand new Overwatch character, or does Junkrat seem too niche? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one, gamers.