Heroes Unite: A New TGN Squadron Series

TGN Squadron is back, and they have a brand new series for those of you obsessed with team play! “Heroes Unite” is a new TGN Squadron series where our Squadron members take two Heroes of the Storm characters and attempt to create an amazing synergy between the two, almost to the point where it can be considered game-breaking. Sounds like fun, right?

This episode of “Heroes Unite” is all about Leoric and Jaina, and how the skilled players over on the Squadron can make them work to their advantage. Let’s see how these two do in combat!


TGN Squadron Heroes Unite – Leoric and Jaina


Dem Tactics

The goal in this video is to elevate Leoric’s “W” ability, or Drain Hope, until level 13. Once level 13, instead of taking the most common upgrade, Drain Momentum (and removing the slow debuff while casting this move), MFPallytime will instead take Crushing Hope, and deal an extra 10% damage (based on maximum enemy health) when the move finishes and has gone its full duration. This can get pretty darn bursty.

Combo this with Jaina’s passive trait that automatically slows heroes, so that you can guarantee Leoric’s Drain Hope gets the full duration, and you can have a very potent combo between these two heroes.


A Second Possible Combo

As we continue into the video, MFPallytime and Hengest discuss a second combo possibility between these two characters. Using Leoric’s Entomb, which holds its target (or targets if you’re lucky) in place for a full 4 seconds, MFPallytime can guarantee that Hengest can get all the waves of Jaina’s Blizzard ability to hit the held target. This is a potential massive amount of damage, similar to other classes big nukes.

Consider combining this with the already powerful Drain Hope from the previous discussion, and you can easily burn any hero down to ash. Isn’t that the point of this awesome “Heroes Unite” series, though? You get to learn how to utterly destroy your enemies using OP combos of heroes and hear them shrieking at you from across the internet. This is what MFPallytime and Hengest do best.


Overall Feel

While the guys have a bit of trouble getting off the ground initially, due to some early team fight losses and a pro silence from their initial target, they eventually get to use the Entomb to capture and destroy their enemies. They show that this is clearly a good combo, but silences can seriously hinder the effectiveness. Choose the heroes you target with this combo carefully.

As the game progresses, this combo can actually start melting some of the bigger heroes, and even turn team fights due to the massive damage that the combo will deal at higher levels.

 – – – – – – – -

Thanks for watching our new “Heroes Unite” series, brought to you by the skilled Heroes of the Storm players on the TGN Squadron. Do you have a sick combo you’d like to see on “Heroes Unite”? Let us know in the comments below, or head on over to the TGN Squadron YouTube channel and tell us there! We also have a “Heroes Unite” playlist, if you want to keep up on the latest OP combinations.

We’ll see you in the Nexus, gamers!