Heroes Of The Storm Plays: Squadron’s Top 5

Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron submit their best Heroes Of The Storm plays to their supreme overlords.

We’ve got Hengest here, from the TGN Squadron, and he’s ready with the best Heroes Of The Storm plays from our Squadron community. Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron submit their best Heroes Of The Storm plays to their supreme overlords, and each week the best Heroes Of The Storm plays are showcased in all their epic glory.


Heroes Of The Storm Plays: Squadron’s Weekly Top 5


Today we’re featuring the best Heroes Of The Storm plays from TGN Squadron. All of these clips have been submitted by the awesome TGN Squadron community. You can submit your TGN Squadron best Heroes Of The Storm plays here!


5. Not Today!

Sometimes friendly fire can save your butt from death. That’s what happened in our 5th top moment, where the blue Zeratul uses his Void Prison on the blue Jaina, and saves her face from total destruction. Those are the interesting ways we like to see moves used.


4. It’s a Trap!

It’s always nice to see when a 4v5 works out because of careful planning. The red team is getting ready to go for an objective, and the red Malfurion gets caught off guard and killed. It’s not red team’s 4 versus blue team’s 5. This doesn’t discourage the red team’s Gazlowe, as he starts setting up turrets. He pings for the Muradin to come down, bating the entire blue team, and it’s just a massacre.

A well-planned, expertly executed massacre of the blue team.


3. The Slug Gives Chase

You’d think the red team’s Witch Doctor would get away. You’d be wrong, and it’s hilarious how he dies. He would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for that meddling Abathur.


2. Sanctuary!

Tyrael is the most beaster archangel to ever live, or die. With his support, the blue team manages to take down the entirety of the red team. We can’t even describe the carnage, you’ll just have to watch. Pro Tip: GTFO of the way when Tyrael dies.


1. Making It Rain

We start with a late-game Blackheart’s Bay team fight, and the chest just spawned. The blue team starts to focus down the red team’s Muradin, which is interesting, but they persevere and eventually get down everyone, including the red team’s Sonya, who drops just an inordinate amount of coins. More like, making it hail, right?

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Thanks for watching our best Heroes Of The Storm plays, and a special shout out to our awesome TGN Squadron community for providing us with amazing video footage of these best Heroes Of The Storm plays. If you’d like to submit your plays to TGN Squadron for our best Heroes Of The Storm plays list, please check this link. See you next week, heroes!