Heroes Of The Storm Top 5 Fails – TGN Squadron

Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron submit their Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails to their supreme overlords.

Hello frands, MFPallytime’s here, from the TGN Squadron, and he’s here with the Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails from our Squadron community. Each week, fans of the TGN Squadron submit their Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails to their supreme overlords, and each week the Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails are showcased in all their epic glory.


Heroes Of The Storm Top 5 Fails – TGN Squadron


Today we’re featuring the Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails from TGN Squadron. All of these clips have been submitted by the awesome TGN Squadron community. You can submit your TGN Squadron Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails here!


5. Mooooove!

File this one under….kinda sad actually. We’ve got an E.T.C. who just will not commit to anything, or do any damage while a Spider Queen is bearing down on him. He jumps in and out of combat, for what appears to be no reason whatsoever, and when he finally breaks to go back home, he’s killed with a ranged attack from the Spider Queen. That was just depressing to watch.


4. Tower Defense

Kerrigan knows when she’s outclassed, and in this case it’s by Rehgar with a tophat (courtesy of Abathur). She goes to retreat, when the enemy Nova pops out and attempts to assassinate her. It would have easily been a kill; the only problem is that the enemy Nova popped out right in between, literally, every structure she could have, and got annihilated by the towers. We’d like to believe the Nova player learned something valuable that day.


3. Zombie Hugs

The blue team’s Butcher is trying to take a boss down at the start of this clip, and you can see the area around him is hotly contested. Out from the right comes the red Stitches to try and snake the boss, and he does so successfully, even though he is clearly outnumbered. How did this happen?

The blue team’s Nazeebo straight up zombiewalled the red Stitches into the area, blocting out his entire team from claiming the boss. All that work, and your teammates wreck it up so bad the other teams gets the rewards. Brutal.


2. She’s A Gold Digger

Oh, Jaina. While you are Hengest’s favorite, you’re still just as selfish as ever. Here, she goes and taunts the enemy team, only to have them follow her, and kill her teammate right beside her. Not only this, but when her buddy Kael’thas drops all his gold, she goes back to pick it up!

Thank goodness she got ganked by the E.T.C. because that was just shameful. That’s instant karma right there.


1. The Cubby Hole

We should have named this one the murder hole, but in all honesty, it’s too hilarious for that name. We have the blue team holed up near the boss, trying to bait the red team into grabbing the boss (so that the blue team can swoop in for the kill).

When it comes time for battle, Tychus drops his laser, effectively splitting the blue team in half, and rendering some teammate useless. Once the red team is done picking off the half of the blue team not blocked by their own laser, the laser gets murdered, as does the rest of the blue team. Get rekt boys.

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Thanks for watching our Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails, and a special shout out to our awesome TGN Squadron community for providing us with amazing video footage of these Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails. If you’d like to submit your fails to TGN Squadron for our Heroes Of The Storm top 5 fails list, please check this link. See you next week, heroes!