Heroes Academy Teaches Mercenary Camps

In this Heroes Academy video, we learn more about the different mercenary camps in Heroes of the Storm

Hello everyone, Pallytime here, and welcome back to Heroes Academy, your guide to Blizzards’ Heroes of the Storm. Today’s topic is going to be mercenaries! Mercenary camps can be found all throughout the battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm. Capturing these camps can significantly change the flow of battle, if done at the right time.

In Heroes of the Storm there are three different types of mercenaries: Siege Camps, Bruiser Camps, and Bosses. Check out the Heroes Academy video below to learn more about the different mercenary camps in Heroes of the Storm:



Would you rather read than watch because you’re stuck at work? Read on, Heroes Academy student, read on:

Siege Mercenaries

Siege mercenaries deal powerful damage from afar, allowing them to destroy towers and structures while remaining safely out of the cannons range.The timing when capturing these siege camps is essential. For example: they can assist your team in defending against a Grave Golem in the Haunted Mines, or they can completely level the enemy team’s core while a fight ensues somewhere else on the map.

Bruiser Mercenaries

Bruiser mercenaries fight much closer than siege mercenaries and can take much more of a beating. In addition to their tanky nature, they consist of more units than siege camps, allowing them to drain ammunition out of structures with much more ease. Bruiser camps are more difficult to capture and require more time, but that does not necessarily mean they are stronger camps. Their value varies greatly upon the situation at hand.

In most cases, you want to capture your camp with the safety of your teammates nearby, but certain heroes like Illidan or Gazlowe excel at capturing camps by themselves. Keep that in mind if you’re out hunting for mercs.

Boss Mercenaries

Last, but certainly not least, are the mercenaries known as bosses. These mercenaries are very powerful and can often mean the difference between winning and losing a match. Usually, you don’t even want to attempt capturing a boss in the early game. The safest time to capture a boss is when your team has a significant level advantage, or when the enemy team has one or more players waiting to respawn.

One of the worst case scenarios in the entire game is when you are attempting to take a boss and you have nearly defeated it, only to have the enemy team move into position and wipe your team out – capturing the boss for themselves in the process.

Bosses are always a point of conflict in the battleground, and are very often the cause of a team fight, so always be prepared to do battle when the enemy team is attempting to capture a boss mercenary camp.

Mercenary Camp Timers

Every mercenary camp on the map has its own respawn timer. And here at Heroes Academy, we believe being aware of these timers will help your team better control the battlefield, and stay ahead. Because camps nearer to your base are easier to capture (due to the travel distance), when your team has an advantage over the enemy team, you should focus on their camps. This is absolutely key because enemy camps are harder to get to, and taking their camps will inflict a greater blow to their defenses.

Most mercenary camps will become unavailable for capture when a primary objective is active, such as a Dragon Knight, Web Weavers, or a Garden Terror. Due to this mechanic, it is often a good idea to capture camps immediately before one of these primary objectives enters the playing field. Knowing when to take, and when not to take, mercenary camps is a key to becoming a more effective player, or leader, for your team.

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Prioritize mercenaries in conjunction with other integral elements to achieve victory. No objective can be, unconditionally, more valuable than another. This is why the best strategy at Heroes Academy, at any given time, is a strategy that is constantly adapting. I’m MFPallytime with TGN Squadron, and thanks for reading about our latest Heroes Academy video tutorial.