Halloween Video Games: Our Horrifying Top Ten

As Halloween approaches, gamers everywhere seek a certain sadistic satisfaction with Halloween video games.

Just to clarify, the following Halloween video games adhere to a dastardly simple criteria. They are what we consider to be some of the best to pick up and play. The intent is to either scare the wits out of you, or just indulge in some good, bloody fun on a dark, Halloween night. With that in mind, and a flashlight at the ready, let’s get this Halloween video games list underway.


Halloween Video Games: Our Horrifying Top Ten



10. Doom

What better way to herald in the most spine-tingling night of the year than with gaming’s quintessential bloodbath?

DOOM revolutionized an era of first-person shooters with tremendously gruesome visuals and sleek gameplay. Legions of terrible fiends fell before you, as you blew them into indescribably tiny pieces with one of the most memorable arsenals in gaming.

What’s more, the tooth-clenching challenge this game presents also aptly fits the atmosphere you’ll want to strive for on a frightful occasion. You can bet there’ll be a fair few pumpkin casualties, as you smash them to pieces in frustration if you don’t properly ration out your BFG ammo.

9. P.T.

Though P.T. stands for Playable Teaser, this game far outgrows its roots as a mere window into a game. It has become one of the most notably survival horror experiences of recent times in its own right.

Directed by Hideo Kojima, the looping corridor of this game has become a point of much discussion and fear among the gaming community. The supernatural occurrences you find littered throughout seek to unnerve and unsettle.

The only real shame about this most spooky of Halloween video games is that, we never got to see the full version of it. Just think, if this is how much acclaim a mere teaser warranted, how big of an impact would the intended and unfortunately cancelled Silent Hills have made?

8. Corpse Party

Corpse Party follows the grizzly tale of a group of schoolchildren who, while seeking some cheap frights, find some very real ones as they’re transported to an alternate dimension. Oh, and a school haunted by the ghosts of deceased children.

It features some of the most horrifically gory death scenes you could ever hope to witness. Your mind will be sent frantically racing to hash out the best choice that will save these hapless schoolchildren – or not. It all depends on what you seek from this most gruesome of Halloween video games.

7. The Evil Within

Coming from acclaimed Resident Evil Director, Shinji Mikami. The Evil Within is a survival horror game that places the emphasis on forcing you to ration out your means of survival—however meager they are—over the length of the game. If you don’t, you’ll be left with no hope of survival.

Playing heavily on psychological thrills, this game makes the perfect partner for a trek into more sinister Halloween video games. Don’t think for a second that means that it lacks in the direct frights. This game has far more than its share of monsters that can gut and claw you into a bloody mound.

6. Until Dawn

Released just over a month ago, Until Dawn is a highly immersive horror game that aims to be an interactive horror movie. It succeeds at being one of the best Halloween video games, with frightful results.

It also plays on every cliché in the good old scary movie book. There’s the hapless teens who just want to get drunk, the shocking twists, some over-the-top gore, and even throw in some clown masks for good measure. Until Dawn makes watching movies just about obsolete.

Let’s not forget just how well it nails its premise of giving each of your actions a surprising amount of consequence, as the most minor of things can come back to bite you – sometimes literally.

5. Left 4 Dead

To shepherd in the witching hour, some will want an atmospheric affair such as Until Dawn that you can fully submerge yourself into. Some people just want to hack lots and lots of zombies to tiny little pieces. For that, we give you Left 4 Dead, either 1 or 2. Take your pick. They’re both awesome.

While it still doesn’t seem that Valve can count to 3, what they can do is create modern classics at an alarming rate. This game has clawed itself into the hearts of many gamers who have sunk a worrying amount of hours into its multiplayer.

In-fact, we don’t even want to know the embarrassingly high amount of zombies we’ve slaughtered over the years. We’ll just shove those countless lost hours to the back of our minds and keep hacking away with a trusty machete.

4. Resident Evil

Could you really be constructing a list of bone-chilling games and forget this one? Resident Evil is boasted by fans as the granddaddy of horror gaming and for damn good reason.

It has a grim lineage that dates back almost two decades, bearing within it some of the most noteworthy monstrosities in gaming. Resident Evil has adopted a various array of play styles across its lifespan to match the age and current wants of their playerbase.

So you can go ahead and take your pick of which one to play. In fact, why not tape your windows over so the sun can’t creep through and power through its entire legacy? Actually no, that’s going a little far, best to just pick one or two as your choice Halloween video games.

3. Five Nights At Freddy’s

This one scares you out of your chair with zombies, vampires, ghosts, and goblins. That’s all well and good, but it takes a truly masterful hand to scare you with empty animatronic bear and fox suits. At least, we hope they’re empty.

A more recent addition to gaming, Five Nights at Freddy’s has quickly racked up a particularly ardent fan base thanks to its well-placed jump scares, and tendency to terrify you out of your wits at the drop of a hat. If quick, cheap thrills are what you seek out of your Halloween video games, this is your go-to. Just ensure that your door is closed. You wouldn’t want any unwelcome visitors now, would you?

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a game that toys with you. It provides no means of defending yourself and forces you to flee in the face of grotesque monsters. You’re completely unarmed as you attempt to maintain sanity – we’re talking about both in-game and real life.

Meeting a monster negatively affects your sanity. You’re forced to run and hide in the dark. This negatively effects your sanity further and so your odds of meeting more abominations rise.

It’s a vicious cycle we’ve all been trapped in. If you haven’t, go ahead and put this one on your To-Do list for your Halloween video games. It’s one of the most engaging and terrifying experiences you’ll find.

1. Castlevania

Is there a more perfect premise for Halloween video games then searching a big, dark, and foreboding castle to slay Dracula? We don’t think so. That’s precisely what classic platformer Castlevania offers. You know, alongside one of the most widely recognized gaming experiences of all time. Seriously, if you haven’t played this one at some point, go ahead and do so now.

We ourselves have many fond memories of getting frustrated at the game’s fiendish difficulty. Don’t worry, it has enough replayability that you’ll be able to pick it right back up in time for Halloween. Killing Dracula never gets boring, after all.

 – – – – – – – -

Only the most courageous of gamers will manage to grab their controllers and don their game-face, indulging themselves in these Halloween video games. If you count yourself amongst their ranks, we salute you. Chances are though, whether you’re one of those valiant few or not, you likely have some of your own Halloween video games to share with us.

Why not share some of your own personal Halloween video games favorites with us in the comments section below? Keep your flashlight and batteries close, Halloween is upon us!