Getting Burned Out On Youtube – How To Avoid It

If you’re getting burned out on Youtube, TGN may have a solution for you.

Many YouTubers, and TGN Partners, can fall victim to what we lovingly call, “YouTube Burnout”. There are many reasons getting burned out on Youtube can happen to any channel owner, such as lack of overall growth or stagnant gaming, but we’re here to help you combat that fatigue. This fatigue is nothing to be ashamed of – every channel owner everywhere experiences getting burned out on Youtube with that little nagging voice telling them turn off the camera and stop making videos.

We’ve put together some nice options for simple activities to do to inject some fun into your channel, or help improve your enthusiasm for running your YouTube channel, if you have fallen into this rut. Obviously, if YouTubing is just something you don’t want to do anymore, or perhaps some real life stuff has gotten in the way, this article about getting burned out on Youtube may not be the best for you. For those of our TGN partners looking to rekindle that love of YouTube, this blog post may just be the ticket to new, more exciting success!


Play a Different Game

This one is a bit more obvious than the others, but, seriously, just play another game! This is especially true for games like Diablo III, World of Warcraft, or FFXIV, where the games require quite a bit of grind, and can burn people out rather quickly. We’ve seen many channels where they owner only plays one game, and while that works for some people, it does not work for all. If you are getting bored with the game you are playing, switch gears and play something else. It doesn’t have to be drastically different.


Getting Burned Out On Youtube   How To Avoid It
There’s just so many to choose from.


An example of this would be channels that features Diablo III. They could easily switch their games up for something more like Torchlight, Darkest Dungeon, or Diablo II,playing on an emulator for old times sake (that game is so good) . This can keep the channel fresh, and prevent getting burned out on Youtube or your YouTube channel.


Collaborate with a Friend

If you’re getting burned out on Youtube because you’re flying solo all the time, try to find a collaboration buddy. See who else on YouTube is playing your game, or producing similar content, and reach out to them. Collaboration buddies can keep you invested in your channel, and can help you feel a bit more energetic about YouTube overall. There’s that whole, you-won’t-fail-if others-are-counting-on-you guilt trip thing that helps too.


Getting Burned Out On Youtube   How To Avoid It
Sometimes all you need is a friend to make things more fun.


Hey, it’s just the truth. Sometimes some people need someone else to keep them going and working. You can find, or be, that someone to another YouTube creator!


See If Streaming Is Right For You

Another tactic you can employ if you are getting burned out on Youtube is to try streaming, if you are not already. There are a multitude of streaming options, the biggest of which is Twitch right now, for content creators who want to interact in real-time with their fans. YouTube Gaming is also going to have a splash page, like Twitch, so you won’t even need to change programs if you don’t want to use something different.

Your love for a game, and your YouTube channel,

can easily be rekindled through livestreaming,

as you directly interact with fans.

The difference between livestreaming and creating video content is that there is an instant connection with your audience. This direct interaction can be enough to revitalize any gamer as, oftentimes, there are newbies in the chat asking questions, or other gamers telling you secrets they discovered (if that’s your thing). Your love for a game, and your YouTube channel, can easily be rekindled through livestreaming, as you get that special feeling when you first play through a game.


Take a Well-Needed Break

We’ve listed this one last as this is more of a drastic measure than a small injection of life and excitement. A break can mean going on vacation for a week, then coming back and continuing your channel like nothing happened. Using a week to relax and breathe is always welcome, especially if you are getting burned out on Youtube. Take some “me” time and get things done, other than creating content for your fans.


Getting Burned Out On Youtube   How To Avoid It
Your break will never be as misunderstood as this one.


We do not recommend taking more than a week off at a time, however, as this can cause you and your channel to stagnate. Taking more than a week off, unless it is for a pre-planned vacation that you have already informed your viewers about, can mean certain death for a gaming channel. This is why taking a break can be a bit more drastic, because you may never return. We know, it sounds particularly dramatic, but there are many channels that have gone on a break…and never returned.


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Getting burned out on Youtube is a very real problem that TGN Partners and YouTuber’s face daily. We’re sure you’ve seen some of your favorite channels succumb to this beast, so we thought it was high time someone tried to help! Do you think we missed something that could help those content creators getting burned out on Youtube? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading, and we’ll see you next time, gamers.