Get Schooled by the Squadron Academy Live!

Hi Frands!

It’s time to do the Spin of Friendship, for Heroes of the Storm has gone open beta!  In celebration, Hengest and MFPallytime are opening the gates to the Heroes Academy and allowing all across the land to learn the secrets of the pros.

Watch and learn with the best of the bros today as they celebrate the open beta with an all-day streaming event! They’ll be on TGN’s Twitch channel today, ready to answer any range of questions your brains can think of – from the newest strategies to the oldest metas.


Watch live video from TGN on

We’ve also got the hookup for five of our lucky Squadron fans!  In honor of Heroes finally getting into that tasty, tasty open beta phase, Squadron‘s giving away 5 epic “Heroes Academy Bundles“.

These bundles include a Heroes Starter Pack, Squadron swag, and 15$ USD in BattleNet cash! Great for those of you just getting into the game, or those of you that have been here the whole time.


Get Schooled by the Squadron Academy Live!


GL/HF to our Squadron members on this awesome day! May your kills be epic and your jukes numerous!