Fallout Weapons: Our Wishlist For Fallout 4

Everyone loves Fallout weapons.

We all have a soft spot for our favorite Fallout weapons. Whether its a rifle that defended us from that ridiculous Deathclaw, or just a small pistol that shares sentimental value, there are some Fallout weapons you want to see come back in Fallout 4.

We put together a top ten list of our favorite Fallout weapons. These are weapons from all over the Fallout franchise that we hope come back in Fallout 4.


Fallout Weapons: Our Wishlist For Fallout 4


10. Embrace Of The Mantis King!

There are seldom few things in the Fallout universe more satisfying than pumping up your unarmed skill and punching a foe into a fine red mush. How about strapping a Mantis Claw to your hand before doing so?

Added in the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC, it would be no problem at all for Bethesda to transplant this over into their new game. There are Mantises just about everywhere in the Wasteland, after all.

And we’d really appreciate the ability to once again go toe to toe with a Deathclaw and show them just who had the bigger, sharper claws. Even if it didn’t go too well last time, we think we’re due a round 2 by now.


9. The Terrible Shotgun

The design of the average combat shotgun seems to be something so awesome it was thought up in the mind of a mad scientist. The Terrible Shotgun took this concept to its extremes. Coupling this downright awesome design with an even more mutilating capacity to do damage – almost the highest damage per second of any gun in Fallout 3, in fact.

Whilst we’d be content with just seeing the Fallout weapons of Combat Shotguns reprise their role in Fallout 4 just in­terms of their amazing design, it would be an awesome nod to its predecessor for Fallout 4 to include one of its most stalwart Wasteland companions.


8. Shishkebab

If the previous Fallout weapons entry was dreamed up by a mad scientist we don’t even know who imagined this thing. Actually, we do. Everyone did, because everyone on the face of this Earth wants a big, flaming sword. Fallout made that actually logical and possible with beautiful, beautiful science.

Though we’d debate the strategic competence of having a big tank of gas on your back whilst holding a sword that’s perpetually alight, we don’t debate how cool it is swinging it as your enemies like a lunatic as they screech in horror. They should be thanking us, we ARE cauterizing their wounds, after all. Aren’t we?


7. Holy Frag Grenade

A game just wouldn’t be complete without a good old Monty Python reference. So, how did Fallout weapons accomplish this? An eccentric NPC? A bit of humorous dialogue? Nah, a grenade. The Holy Frag Grenade – an obvious reference to Monty Python’s Holy Hand Grenade.

It ignores its name and appearance and instead functions more along the lines of a mini nuke. Mercilessly belching out deadly radiation to blanket the area surrounding it, and, oh yeah, don’t forget blowing everything nearby to little bits and pieces. Don’t worry, ’tis merely a flesh wound.


6. Lincoln’s Repeater

The Fallout universe is host to some very unique Fallout weapons, and who would’ve thought a humble BB gun would’ve ranked among the most unique? Well, maybe we should tell you that this BB gun was modified to take .44 magnum rounds and is the ONLY weapon in the game to boast a perfect zero bullet spread.

We can’t describe the gratification that we feel upon lining up that perfect shot and seeing your bullet whiz through the air, pin­point in its accuracy as it bores a hole in some poor mutant’s skull. Though, we imagine we don’t need to given this is one of the most popular Fallout weapons among the fanbase.


5. Big Mountain Transportalponder!

Though this is one of our Fallout weapons that has no offensive use – merely used as a transporter to the site of the Old World Blues DLC, ‘Big Mountain’ – we’d love to see it return. Why? Well, if it did, it would mean we got to go back there and pay some old friends a visit, of course!

Who wouldn’t love to see how time had more­so ravaged the Big Mountain Facility and potentially even how the Lone Wanderer’s actions effected it in the long­term. At the very least it would be fun to go back and get revenge on all those robo­radscorpions that did us away so many times.


4. X­2 Antenna

Above all else the X­2 Antenna taught us a very valuable lesson: if you find Fallout weapons carefully crafted to maintain repulsive fields around an area you should always spit in the face of its ingenious creators and clobber people upside the head with it.

Despite its original, more scientific purpose, we found this big unwieldy thing and did just that. Happily going about caving in skulls with it, we were surprised with its effectiveness. Then again, it’s pretty damn big and bulky, so we probably shouldn’t have been.

This is one of the Fallout weapons that gets onus points for posing an added threat to power­ armor users. Which we think would come in ­handy in Fallout 4 given the newly imposing nature of the iconic gear.


3. Maria

Maria is the very first of the Fallout weapons you see as you begin your journey in Fallout: New Vegas and arguably the most important of all. It is the one that Benny pressed against our helpless heads and attempted to execute us with, after all. Past this plot ­importance it also manages to be an awesome weapon in its own right. Both in its use but – much more notably – its design.

Floral details engraved along its entire length adorned it with a regal look, completed by a biblical figure decorating the pearly grip. We still have difficulty looking at this thing straight considering, you know, it lodged a bullet into our brains. But it’s one of the most beautiful Fallout weapons in the Wastes, regardless.


2. Old Glory

An object synonymous with the Courier’s adversary – the man with whom he did battle to decide the fate of the divide. A symbol of the Old World. And, coincidentally, one of the most useful Fallout weapons to bash people’s skulls in with.

Originally intended to be in the base version of the game Old Glory was cut and later re-added in Lonesome Road as Ulysses’ signature weapon. With a little extra reach than a usual melee weapon and even boasting its own V.A.T.S. signature attack, the only drawback of this monstrous thing being that the only time we got to use it was after the final DLC. Don’t worry, we still managed to make carve out some quality time with just us, Old Glory and a band of unfortunate raiders.


1. The Alien Blaster

In a world peppered with rusted, worn weaponry left over from a near extinction­level nuclear war, it’s no surprise that legitimate Alien technology stands out from the crowd. Though ammo is scarcely scattered throughout the wastes, we can’t help but think that’s for good reason.

Aach shot we take with the lethal thing is liable to create a surprisingly beautiful lights show out of the poor sod we’re pointing it at as they disintegrate into shiny blue space dust. Who knew murdering people in the irradiated wastes of society could be so pretty?

 – – – – – – – -

The true beauty of the Fallout game’s armada of weaponry is the diversity within it: everyone can choose their own particular favorite from the game’s veritable armory. Because of this, we’re sure we no doubt missed out a few of your faithful friends that you popped a few Super Mutant skulls with.

Why not stick around and discuss your favorite weapon you’d like to see make a return in Fallout 4, or how you feel about our choices?